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Why does TechRepublic Spam, large amounts of unsolicited emails

By gaza ·
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Is TechRepublic spamming you too
TechRepublic is sending me emails all the time, are they spamming you too?

I have not asked for emails.
I have not ticked the box send me emails.
I do not want emails.

I tried to have this stop but they do not listen!

So now I have a team of people ready to teach TechRepublic a lesson.
TechRepublic, you are going down!

They have set them self?s up to ignore us so rather than email them I ask people to spam there forum through both the Discussion and Questions Section.

Don?t forget to include some good tags so others can find your comments and support you!


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What have you tried to get it to stop?

by OnTheRopes In reply to Why does TechRepublic Spa ...
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The following several times but now my patience has ended

by gaza In reply to What have you tried to ge ...

Please be sure to select Membership and Registration Inquiry as your product and topic. Include the email address you registered with and your user name.

Please cancel membership, newsletter subscriptions and all other forms of email contact, please also remove all my details including email contact from your system.

Any spam or contact what so ever and I will test my legal team to teach you a lesson with my new found wealth!

My user Name is gaza and Email is XXXXXXXX if you need this detail to proceeded.

The reference number for your question is '090218-000350'.

Do you think thay will do the right thing this time OnTheRopes

Cheers and thanks for you interest

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Per your request...

by tcavadias Staff In reply to The following several tim ...

I have taken the liberty to have your account canceled.

Per a previous post -

I have also unsubscribed you from both the Newsletters in which you had subscribed yourself to.


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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Per your request...
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Darn. I miss him already. (nt)

by OnTheRopes In reply to Per your request...
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Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya...

by jmgarvin In reply to Per your request...

I mean honestly, this is an IT site, take that scam elsewhere.

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And you, jamgarvin, take that scam

by santeewelding In reply to Don't let the door hit ya ...

Of the "good lord" lowercase elsewhere.

I will entertain you, otherwise.

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by GSG In reply to Per your request...

You tell 'em, woman!

I think we need a basic intelligence test before anyone's membership is granted. It's not hard to figure out how to subscribe/unsubscribe, and I know we have new members that are able to do this.

We also need an @$$hole test, apparently.

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Quick solution

by Oz_Media In reply to The following several tim ...

try this, works every time!

Make a pretend gun out of your left hand by curling your fingers in and pointing your index finger forward and your thumb up.

Lay your 'gun' flat on the table still with your thumb and index finger stretched out.

Lift your hand straight back against your forehead and go look in a mirror.

You had a valid concern/complaint, it would have been listened to, understood and you would have found help and support if there was such a problem. TR does not purposely screw with people, its not their style they don't need to spam due to the many thousands of subscribers they have.

So when you rant and rave like a child and then post complete garbage like : "Any spam or contact what so ever and I will test my legal team to teach you a lesson with my new found wealth!"

Nobody will take you seriously, in fact, understanding law myself, I would have taken you to task myself and asked you to follow through with your baseless threats.

Your legal TEAM? Your new found WEALTH?

What a tosser, go back to school, recess must surely be over by now.

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Hey now Oz

by magic8ball In reply to Quick solution

He replied to any number of princes from Lagos and now is waiting for his share of the millions. Of course he had to pay some lawyer fees and bribe a few customs officials, but hey the money IS on its way.


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