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Why doesn't the USA trade with Cuba?

By JimHM ·
With the poor content that Techrepulbic has been putting on the website - why not turn it into a political debate forum...

Being an American - I am confused about something. We trade with Vietnam, Korea, China, USSR, Germany, South Africa and other countries. Not one politican has given a good answer to why the USA doesn't open trade with Cuba. Canadains - British - French and others enjoy the beaches and tourism of that island - except Americans. We still have a military base on it - but yet can't go off the base.

What's up with that. I know the Kennedy's had problems with Cuba but dam that was over 40 years ago - and it hasn't been that long for Nam and we are trading with them - and permitting tourism.

Clinton - sends a small boy back to the island by force .... USA Cuba's can't travel without going to Canada ... I mean .. Thats some BS ... if you ask me ...

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by john_wills In reply to Why doesn't the USA trade ...

The parallel to Vietnam is misleading. The U.S. was an ally - albeit incompetent - of South Vietnam (Annam & Cochin) against an invasion by North Vietnam (Tonkin). Trading with the allegedly united state is as much trading with SVN, the let-down ally, as with NVN. Also, the despots in Hanoi are trying for a liberal economy, which should make their subjects better off, whereas Castro is sticking to a brand of communism which necessitated $1m/day from the not-quite-so-communist USSR to maintain living standards where they had been since Castro's revolution, even after the $1m/day is no longer coming, so he has no intention of making his people better off. By trading with VN, the US will encourage economic liberalism, which, it is hoped, will make democracy more likely. There is no parallel hope for Cuba.

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Florida Electoral votes

by TheChas In reply to Why doesn't the USA trade ...

The origin of the ban on trade with Cuba dates back to the 1960's and Cuba's alliance with the Soviet Union.

The trade embargo stays in place ONLY because of the large Cuban ex-patriot population in Florida.

Any party or President who approves trade with Cuba is guaranteed that their party will LOOSE the next general election in Florida.

Therefore, both political parties are afraid to even approach the concept of trade with Cuba until a new government is in place there.

Yes, there are other factors that make it easier for our government to continue the embargo. But, lets be honest, if these human rights and other issues were the main reason for the Cuban trade embargo, a lot of other countries that we do trade with should also face embargos.

The sad reality is that, like Iraq, the trade embargo is NOT hurting the government of Cuba. It does hurt the people, and removes a potentially lucrative market for US businesses.


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First have to teach them how to punch out chad's

by JimHM In reply to Florida Electoral votes

I don't think besides this last election - Florida has that many Electorial votes that would make a big difference to one party or the other.

I guess it wouldn't matter anyway because they don't know how to punch out a chad..

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Number 4 on the list

by TheChas In reply to First have to teach them ...

With 27 votes in the electoral college,

Florida is the 4th state behind California, Texas, and New York.

That makes Florida a crucial State for any Presidential candidate.


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Lose not Loose, but you're right

by dksmith In reply to Florida Electoral votes

No national or Florida politician in their right mind will ever advocate normalizing relations with Cuba for the exact reasons you stated.

It will take non-Floridian politicians backing the law with Florida reps "kicking and screaming" (wink-wink-nudge-nudge) to change the law.

The problem is with illegal immigration. If you think the Mexican border is wide open, wait until we normalize trade and immigration laws with Cuba.


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Lift a Ban, Help a Dictator

by maxwell edison In reply to Why doesn't the USA trade ...

The title of this message is also the title of an article that makes for some interesting reading on the subject of reopening trade and/or tourist avenues with and to Cuba.

I think trade and tourism with Cuba will happen after one of two things happen, but no sooner. The first thing, **** must freeze over. Or the second thing, Fidel Castro dies and goes to **** (which might make it freeze over).

Think about this: The year is 2003, we're in the western hemisphere, and there's still a tyrant dictator just 90 miles away in an island country from which people are risking life and limb to flee. I will admit one thing, the U.S. / Cuba policy has been a disaster for the last 40+ years. No person, no party, no administration has been able to do anything to improve the situation.

I'll wait for Castro to die before things drastically change.

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Whoops - wrong link

by maxwell edison In reply to Lift a Ban, Help a Dictat ...

(But that incorrect link will lead to some interesting reading as well.)

The article titled, Lift a Ban, Help a Dictator, may be found here:

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Ah a dictator..

by LesDabney67 In reply to Lift a Ban, Help a Dictat ...

The US has no qualms about helping dictators. It is a shameful part of the US history that we have supported dictators across the globe. What makes this one different?

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difference with Cuba

by john_wills In reply to Ah a dictator. ...

There is no advantage to helping this dictator. Other dictators have been helped as being "on our side" in the Cold War or the "war against terrorism", but Castro doesn't fit either pattern, so the US reverts to its foundation theories instead of playing realpolitik.

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Situational ethics

by LesDabney67 In reply to difference with Cuba

The rule should be that we don't help ANY dictators. The "Cold war" and "the war on terror" are abstract concepts used to obfuscate a much larger role of the US' hegemony in the world. Some people would call it "opiate for the masses" because it gives the average person someone to hate and gives the "defenders of America" an enemy.

But, to anyone educated in history it is just the same old imperialist song and dance that has been going on since time immortal.

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