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Why doesn't the USA trade with Cuba?

By JimHM ·
With the poor content that Techrepulbic has been putting on the website - why not turn it into a political debate forum...

Being an American - I am confused about something. We trade with Vietnam, Korea, China, USSR, Germany, South Africa and other countries. Not one politican has given a good answer to why the USA doesn't open trade with Cuba. Canadains - British - French and others enjoy the beaches and tourism of that island - except Americans. We still have a military base on it - but yet can't go off the base.

What's up with that. I know the Kennedy's had problems with Cuba but dam that was over 40 years ago - and it hasn't been that long for Nam and we are trading with them - and permitting tourism.

Clinton - sends a small boy back to the island by force .... USA Cuba's can't travel without going to Canada ... I mean .. Thats some BS ... if you ask me ...

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no help for dictators

by john_wills In reply to Situational ethics

I agree. President Carter made an executive order forbidding the export of weaponry to undemocratic American states. A decade later every American state except Haiti and Cuba was democratic (which is not to say that it had a liberal economy, or prosperity, or good education or health care, just that it was a democracy): soldiers want their fancy toys. I would like President Bush to extend the rule to the whole world, cutting off weapon supply, at least temporarily, to even such "friends" as the Sa'udi and Israeli states - although Iran, which is a democracy, would still have to go through other hoops and so would probably not get any. I do not think ten years would be enough to democratize the world, but we'd be working in the right direction.

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