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Why I don't like Ubuntu

By j-mart ·
I am an avid Linux user an have been ever since I aquired a copy of Mandrake 6.5 and installed it on an old P166 machine I had lying about. This was a boxed set complete with manuals and guides so I read the instructions and away I went. This was great and before long I upgraded to Red Hat 7.2, then Red Hat 8 and on to Mandrake 9.2 (which I still have on my second machine) and on to SuSE 9.3 which is on my main Machine. I have windows on a second disc but at home I hardly ever use it.

As a matter of curiosity I have tried many of the other Distro's to see what they were like (my 15 year old son has just installed Mandrake 2007 Free on his machine and I'm tempted to do the same except I can't be bothered at the moment). The standard Linux setup with a root account and separate user account is a very simple concept to grasp you do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand this fundimental concept.

Why do some Distro's such as Ubuntu feel the have to suck up to windows users because they are not used to this concept, by hiding root account and repacing its function by making users all get root access through the su command. It is a detrimental step as it can make a less secure system. Any long time windows user who wishes to try out a Linux system is like me not going to have any difficulty with the concept of root login for admin tasks, user login for general useage. Linux at a beginer level is not a difficult thing to learn especialy when the system follows standard Linux practices, installing a workable system is not hard, it gets easier with each new version.

As a user's knowlege and experience go up there is a joy in geting under the hood of your system and completing more difficult tasks. I learnt a lot when my son and I set up a home network runing a samba server and when we set up a firewall and gateway when we went onto a cable internet.

With standard linux setup all information can be found easily so why does ubuntu think it is making things simpler by doing things different. I am going off SuSE for they have gone a bit down this road as well by geting away from some standard linux practice in some areas.

If I want a windows system (such as I use in my job quite happly every day at work I will use a windows system). Linux is different don't try to make it more like windows because windows will always be more like windows, both have their place. Difference always makes for more interest.

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You might edit this post to break it up into logical paragraphs for ...

by deepsand In reply to Why I don't like Ubuntu

better readability.

Quite frankly, like me, very few here are going to tourture their eyes so as to get throught the entire post.

Shame, too, as I am genuinely interested in your perspective.

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Thanks for your

by j-mart In reply to You might edit this post ...

Costructive comment I will follow your suggestion

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And, thanks for the edit. <eom>

by deepsand In reply to Thanks for your
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I completely agree.

by Absolutely In reply to Why I don't like Ubuntu

I only recently looked into Ubuntu's "universal sudo", after reading a description of it that appeared too stupid to be true. After reading Ubuntu's own description, I found that the previous description was completely accurate, and that Ubuntu just has decided to do 'sudo' weirdly. That's their problem: I'm sticking with Debian & real 'sudo'. I'd say there's a good chance that Ubuntu did this just so that users of other distros could type the phrase "real 'sudo'", like "real pseudo".

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A question for either of you, re. "su."

by deepsand In reply to Why I don't like Ubuntu

Not having yet dabbled with Feisty Fawn, it's not clear to me precisely what you see as a problem.

Is the difference in implementation here one of Form or of Function? And, how does this make for a less secure system?

Whoops; make that two questions.

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I'm not up with all details but

by j-mart In reply to A question for either of ...

when I tried Ubuntu for the first time my dislike was based on Form and even now I think from a usablity perspective it is a pointless change to hide root account. I am not up with the technical reasons of how the Ubuntu aproach degrades security but I do recall on a post in a previous forum ( It may have been by DeadlyEarnest but I'm not certain), a technical analysis of the consequences of this approach was given. I am still a beginer with Linux, though I am learning new stuff all the time I would take someone more knowlegable to present this argument in an understandable form. I hope someone can help.

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Unfortunately, TR's Search function only looks at ...

by deepsand In reply to I'm not up with all detai ...

the Titles of Discussions/Questions/Articles/etc., the Body of only the Root Post, the UserNames of those who Reply to the Root only, and, if memory serves me well, the Titles of such Replies.

The only easy way to find the Post that you recall would be for you to recall at least some of the Title of that Discussion; with that, we could could view it using the new View All Posts function, and search the text of in the Titles and Bodies of all Posts with ease & at once.

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Found 1 Artical

by j-mart In reply to Unfortunately, TR's Searc ...

"Get answers on Ubuntu Linux with this review and interview with Jeff Waugh" This was on TR 4/28/06 this may fill in some of the detail

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Thanks; I'll look for that when I've a moment.

by deepsand In reply to Found 1 Artical

If I may make a suggestion, in the future, when pointing someone to an online resource, copy the URL into your missive if you have it. That way there's no possibility that another will either not find the resource or end up at the place.

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Isn't as easy as advertised

by eric_79 In reply to I'm not up with all detai ...

I've tried the Kubuntu 7.04 on my old machine as a liveCD. That worked fine.
For a liveCD boot, it was reasonable not to be bothered with creating user accounts.

However, I failed to get the liveCD running on a new notebook and it seemed that I was stuck with a well know issue in the kernel.(stuck with busy-box during booting).
That would be my reason why I don't get to like it (yet?).

I've just finished downloading PClinuxOS 07 and gonna five other distro a try as well.

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