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Why I stopped browsing TechRepublic 10 months ago

By esa_batm ·
I'm working on a book - wanted to get TechRepublic response on the following. Since I can't figure out how to contact them, and it turns out I still have an account, I'll just leave it here like a big pre-coprolite. Enjoy your self-righteous sputtering.

"If you see idiots on the net, just ignore them. I guarantee it's better for you than trying to respond to them. Want examples? Go to and look at the people posting on the Miscellaneous forum. Then go out and look at their comments on the other forums. I was on that site for technical info, but I let myself get drawn into clashes with these jackasses. Now I won't even browse the site because you can't avoid seeing the smug, insulting, titles these self-appointed experts place on their comments. One of the more prolific, going by his screen name, apparently thinks he's a major Australia media company, but he's really some poser in Canada - his main claim to fame is he has the most posts of anybody on TechRepublic. He even posted about how great it was to hit 10,000 and encouraged others to keep it up and they can hit 10,000 as well.

As we now know, around 40% of the people in the US alone are stupider than a mule, since you can get a mule's attention if you hit it over the head with a 2x4. If you project that out, then 40% of the people would be just as stupid on the other end of the political spectrum, so altogehter it's 80%. Yikes!!! What's really scary is that it holds true to the 80/20 rule. Now I admit that the US average is probably higher than the world overall, but it's a pretty good indicator of how many stupid people are out there ready to expose you to their specialty. Just avoid them and their negativity and you'll be a lot happier."

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To be more precise, "why you stopped flaming TR 10 months ago."

by deepsand In reply to Why I stopped browsing Te ...

Because, within 1 months time you managed to alienate everyone that you came in contact with.

You've an empty Profile, no contacts, do not accept Peer messages, have neither asked nor ansered any Questions, and, other than this, have started no Discussions.

The only thing that you have done is attack others. That which you've reaped is that which you've sowed.

Good bye, and good riddance.

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Tequ Repooblick.

by 2Shane In reply to Why I stopped browsing Te ...

Hmm some nice emails come their way... almost all my ideas for improvement of the site are brilliant, and they ignore them...

Like the company being so stupid that they have to send me 25 emails in short succession, telling me only incremental differences in content.

And the online line "community life" well that reflects society in general...

And I have retired from most of the ******** and the people who pedal it.

And the USA.... the fattest, most diseased, and dysfunctional nation on earth - consumers from the cradle to the grave...

I mean I have no problem wondering how a brain damaged scumbag junkie became elected to the head of CORPORATION USA.

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Thank you for proving

by jdclyde In reply to Tequ Repooblick.

that the US isn't the only country with idiots in it. True, I didn't expect you to hold yourself up as the idiot poster child, but you do it so well. Kudos to you for a job well done!

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Is'nt it nice when others do our work for us!

by deepsand In reply to Thank you for proving

It makes it all the easier to give our attentions to the really important issues in life, such as (fill in your own favorites here.)

And, they are ever so very entertaining, available for enjoying in the comfort of one's own abode, bare assed naked, any time they're needed. Thank God for creating idiots.

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Don't forget

by jdclyde In reply to Is'nt it nice when others ...

"While eating cheese puffs!" B-)

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Damn; now I've got the munchies.

by deepsand In reply to Don't forget

And, with me in the office, no edibles at hand, & on an empty stomach to boot.

You're going to pay for this, mark my word.

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I have some...

by vanessaj In reply to Damn; now I've got the mu ...

...splendid holiday goodies in my office that I could send you...but they are not the "fattest, most diseased, and dysfunctional" treats, so you might be disappointed. They may not be self-proclaimed as "brilliant", but they do understand the meaning of "updates" (emails in short succession, telling me only incremental differences in content) and they are very tasty. :)

(and they can spell.)

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I'll try anything once.

by deepsand In reply to I have some...

Well, almost anything; it's got to be something that affords the opportunity to live to have regrets for the doing.

Since your "goodies" seem, on the surface at least, to pass that test, feel free to pass along such samples as please you.

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The very definition of "try it once":

by apotheon In reply to I have some...

If it kills you, you'll still have tried it once, so I don't see how living to regret it is really a requirement for trying something once. Twice, on the other hand, I could understand.

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It's like winning the "bet you can't eat just one" type of bet.

by deepsand In reply to I have some...

You have to survive eating the 1st in order to collect your winnings. And, if the 1st was sufficiently rewarding in its own right, then one may be willing to lose the bet by eating a 2nd and gaining that reward instead.

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