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Why I stopped browsing TechRepublic 10 months ago

By esa_batm ·
I'm working on a book - wanted to get TechRepublic response on the following. Since I can't figure out how to contact them, and it turns out I still have an account, I'll just leave it here like a big pre-coprolite. Enjoy your self-righteous sputtering.

"If you see idiots on the net, just ignore them. I guarantee it's better for you than trying to respond to them. Want examples? Go to and look at the people posting on the Miscellaneous forum. Then go out and look at their comments on the other forums. I was on that site for technical info, but I let myself get drawn into clashes with these jackasses. Now I won't even browse the site because you can't avoid seeing the smug, insulting, titles these self-appointed experts place on their comments. One of the more prolific, going by his screen name, apparently thinks he's a major Australia media company, but he's really some poser in Canada - his main claim to fame is he has the most posts of anybody on TechRepublic. He even posted about how great it was to hit 10,000 and encouraged others to keep it up and they can hit 10,000 as well.

As we now know, around 40% of the people in the US alone are stupider than a mule, since you can get a mule's attention if you hit it over the head with a 2x4. If you project that out, then 40% of the people would be just as stupid on the other end of the political spectrum, so altogehter it's 80%. Yikes!!! What's really scary is that it holds true to the 80/20 rule. Now I admit that the US average is probably higher than the world overall, but it's a pretty good indicator of how many stupid people are out there ready to expose you to their specialty. Just avoid them and their negativity and you'll be a lot happier."

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Your ego is over exposed, Worldwide !

by dougbelcher In reply to Why I stopped browsing Te ...

"Now I admit that the US average is probably higher than the world overall"
Got any evidence to support that ?

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Good to have history prove me right again.....

by jdclyde In reply to Why I stopped browsing Te ...

Told you this worm was beneath the notice of Oz.

Well, notice or beneath being worth the flame response he so disparately and transparently is begging for.

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I'm positive that on a bet covering technical skill, class, personality,

by alameh In reply to Why I stopped browsing Te ...

income and/or IQ between you and the "poser in Canada" the smart money would be on the "poser".

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Spot on.

by deepsand In reply to I'm positive that on a be ...

Unfortunately, I don't think that our "host" here is going to want any piece of the action on that bet, unless he places a blind bet against himself.

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Curious...what book are you working on?

by vanessaj In reply to Why I stopped browsing Te ...

Please let us all know. Don't be shy.

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"How to be a lying prick"

by jdclyde In reply to Curious...what book are y ...

I am sure it will be a best seller? :0

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I just wanted to know...

by vanessaj In reply to "How to be a lying prick"

what arrogant, haughty, ignorant, self-delusional, megalomaniacal, self-absorbed, petty piece-of-crap to stay away from next time I'm at Barnes & Noble. :)

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Would'nt it be better standing up, ...

by deepsand In reply to "How to be a lying prick"

than lying down?

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How to be a laying prick . . .

by apotheon In reply to Would'nt it be better sta ...

. . . never mind. That just conjures all the wrong images.

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But, wrong is right, right?

by deepsand In reply to How to be a laying prick ...

Or, did I get that backwards? Or, perhaps upside down?

I'm going to have to lie down now, and ponder this.

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