why is DVD-RW on Lenovo G570 not able to read CDs and DVDs?

By pfokho ·
I would like to know why the DVD-RW that came with my Lenovo G570 not able to read anything. Do I need to take it a service center or is there a way for me to repair it using software. the DVD driver is shown as working in its property. (warranty period just got over a few days ago)

Yesterday I updated 'lenovo energy management' from lenovo's official site, now this management thing won't even work. PLEASE HELP

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Request for Clarification

by gechurch In reply to Clarifications

I'm not understanding the symptoms clearly. Does the drive show up in Windows, but is unable to actually read discs? Or does it not even show up in My Computer?

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Sounds like a Software problem

by OH Smeg In reply to why is DVD-RW on Lenovo G ...

Have you used the Recovery Option provided by Lenovo to rebuild the OS?

Also have you tired a Boot Disc in the unit and altered the BIOS to boot off the Optical Drive? If you can not boot off a Boot Disc the Optical Drive is toast and needs replacing, however you first have to make sure that the First Boot Device is the Optical Drive.


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Reponse To Answer

by pfokho In reply to Sounds like a Software pr ...

How do I do what you just said? sorry I am new to computers.

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg In reply to Sounds like a Software pr ...

Well depending on what Lenovo Supplied as a Recovery Option it could be a Key Combination when the Lenovo Screen is present to rebuild the system or it may involve Recovery Disc's. These are normally a DVD with Lenovo Rebuild or OS printed on their front. Regardless the instructions will be in the User Manual which is available here if you no longer have the one supplied with the system

As for using a Boot Disc this is a Bootable Disc that goes into the system and then when it is turned on the system boots off that Disc.


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You could try one of those optical drive cleaning kits,

they come with a disk and cleaning solution, if the read/write heads aren't
damaged, and just a bit dirty, then this may clean them enough to get your
optical drive working. As for the Lenovo Energy Management, not sure on
that, but you may need to uninstall the update and restore to previous
version if possible.

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Reponse To Answer

by pfokho In reply to You could try one of thos ...

thanks for your help. I'll check it out. the problem is that....... the lenovo energy management driver is there in DVDrom which I cant use :-( thanks again

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Device Manager

by mperata In reply to why is DVD-RW on Lenovo G ...

Oops, need to read all of post before typing!!!

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Could it be.....

by mrsharyf In reply to why is DVD-RW on Lenovo G ...

A probleim like this usually could be as a result of one of two things.

1. Software
2. Hardware

With regards to software, if youre seeing the devive in "my computer" or even the BIOS chances are that the device is set up correctly and the machine can recocognize it. Software issues ususally mean faulty ot incorrect drivers in which case it run a repair or restore You can do a resinstall of the driver by going through "device manager". Make sure it is the exact driver for the device,

For hardware related issues maybe dust got on the read head preventing it from reading the disc which is in it. Use one of these disc cleaners. Im also assuming that youve used different media which you are "sure works". If this does not work then more that likely its a defective drive in which case needs replacing.

Good Luck

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