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Why is it

By eileenjb ·
That all my users moan more on Mondays than any other day? Has anyone else noticed this?

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by JimmyRutter In reply to wait a minute

British Sailors used lime to stop scurvy ... therefore we are called limeys.

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by ITgirli In reply to

They would put lime juice in their rum. Lime juice and fish scales. Still pretty tasty, burns the whole way down.

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and Krauts

by M_a_r_k In reply to

I once heard the reason Germans are called Krauts. I don't remember the full story. My memory fades in and out as I get on in years. The story has something do with the fact that German soldiers ate tons of sauerkraut during World War I. Anybody else know of a better answer?

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by Bizzo In reply to

You're right about the limeys and krauts explanations, found this by the way the Racial Slur Database.

There are a LOT of offensive terms in this list, if you're offended by things like that then don't read it.
If you do happen to read it and get offended, then please do not blame me.

That was my disclaimer, as I don't want to upset anyone or get banned.

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that was classic...

by Surflover In reply to And another thing....

I'm copying that down for posterity... I'm gonna have to go back to some of the older threads just to look this stuff of yours up... there might be something usefull in there... naw... :^O

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Useful crap that I've posted

by M_a_r_k In reply to that was classic...
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is that all????

by Surflover In reply to Useful crap that I've pos ...

you could come up with? I was really gonna look back through old threads to find some gems... although I'm sure there are some... like the 4-3000lb steers :^O...

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read his blog

by ITgirli In reply to is that all????

It's full of good ones

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Thanks, girli!

by M_a_r_k In reply to read his blog
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by ITgirli In reply to Why is it

they don't want to be here as much as we do. I have users come in and say such and such broke, does this mean we can go home. It's not the users, it's the day.

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