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Why is it

By eileenjb ·
That all my users moan more on Mondays than any other day? Has anyone else noticed this?

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by lsmith1989 In reply to Why is it
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They figure you'll say

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Why is it

you'll get something sorted by the end of the week and they wanted to give you as much time as possible.
Course you never said the end of which week did you.

They aren't moaning more, you just notice it more on monday's because they are horrible.

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Resubjugated Freedom

by ojeda In reply to Why is it

All weekend, they're free to do what they want - then they come back on monday and have to follow a bunch of lame rules and negotiate a labyrinth of restrictions that they were free of for the two prior days. How would you feel?

Want to assuage their anxieties? Try bringing small bakery treats on Monday, and keep a full candy jar (small hersheys or mars work great, also jolly ranchers) somewhere they can get to it. Helps out immensely. As for self-control, work out a little extra on Monday and Tuesday.

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