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Why is it with males it seems

By zlitocook ·
More like we are harassing women and with females if they do the same thing it is just being friends? On a recent post of mine about reasions to skip work, I received some interesting posts about getting over my self. I treat everyone the same; I do not care if you are black, white, orange, male, female, gay, or what ever. I was just thinking about how people look at things and why. I have had manager and people training through the government were they do a profile study and psychology study. And I am a strong leader with low incentive to have others dislike me. I am a people person :) So why the big divide in IT for women?
I would rather work with a woman in certain areas because it has been shown that women think more interactively in certain ways then men do. But men think in terms that get the job done quickly.
I have read through the post and still wonder about the first question, why can we as males work with females in IT?

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I already answered the serious question rob

by stargazerr In reply to Me? Heavy lifting?

I dont think there is a difference of Male vs Female in IT ... except that people like females more in this field because we are a more polite and humble lot .... Which translates into ... <i>We dont tell users, They are being stupid, in their face<i>

I am so sorry to hear about your back Jaqui and your ribs and anything else that isnt functioning as it should be :) ... If it helps ... I am sporting a cracked rib these days too ... Walked Ribalong into the cupboard door ...


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by Jaqui In reply to Me? Heavy lifting?

My comments to Stargazerr may have been phrased in a humourous vein, but they also demonstrate that I don't look at gender when making a decision on if someone is capable or not. I learned as a child that a woman can be as capable physically, or even excede, as men.

My back comments, show that just because I used to move 1500 pound pieces of equipment around kitchens, doesn't mean I am still capable of it. I have a bad back from injuries which, in conjunction with a scolioid curvature in my spinal column, make me often incapable of moving even a cup of coffee. [ exactly what popped it out on monday afternoon ]

Humour in the reply doesn't always mean that the information isn't on topic. :)
Sometimes it hides the pain of memories, like being off work twice in one year with the shoulder muscles torn apart from work. [ yes, workers compentation board paid lost income back, partially ] not even being able to turn your head for 5 months out of the year is a lot of physical pain, humour helps to avoid the memory.

Humour helps me avoid being even more obnoxious than I am when I'm currently in pain, it takes my mind off the pain.

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Jaqui, stargazerr

by rob mekel In reply to Me? Heavy lifting?

The both of you are right. Did see that and agree: can't say it is a man?s or woman?s job. IT is for all sexes. And yes woman are, generally spoken, more sensitive to people's state of mind then man. But man can work on it to get the ability. So I don't think that we differ on this.
What I was trying to say, and obvious not succeeding so far, the both of you where wondering off from the issue raised.
But I think y're back again to it. :)


ps Jaqui hope y're back is okay today.

@life is too short to not enjoy it

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Not feeling well?

by jdclyde In reply to The admin rats

It just depends on WHERE your hands are when you say that! ]:)

Maybe your just not goint "it" right?

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Why divide?

by rob mekel In reply to Why is it with males it s ...

At the starting on Math-centers, it was a clear woman?s job, all most no male's where in. Then with computers (technical) coming in it got more to a man's job. Whether this was right or wrong, don't know and don't care. Think it has to do with the old fashion thinking of techs => male, caring => female.
From there on all the studies @ tech-high's and university's started to put requirements in the starting level of the students of a higher level of math's.
So the next question is why do so few females have math, or math @ low level.
I think it is still the old question on how children are upraised. Sadly enough.

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I have absolutely no idea

by stargazerr In reply to Why divide?

what you are talking about ... there are as many females in tech as males ... As for Math ... When I went to college (IT degree) ... 57% of the class was females coming from a Math background.


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Stargazer, location?

by Jessie In reply to I have absolutely no idea

Since you don't specify your location, I can't hypothesize as to why the IT Split is different in your area than in mine. I'm one of very few women in the greater Kansas City Metropolitan area in IT. Though I'm seeing more women on helpdesks these days, it's still "a man's world" when it comes to the higher level pay jobs like Net admins, programmers, Desktop people. Not that women can't do these things, after all, I'm living proof. Ya just don't see much of it in my area.

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Delhi, India

by stargazerr In reply to Stargazer, location?

One of the "developing countries" ... you would think we would have even lesser women going into IT ...


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by rob mekel In reply to Stargazer, location?

can rewrite my answer. But heck won't.
But then again had to specify my location as well.

Good point, tnx Jessie. :)


@life is too short to not enjoy it

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by maecuff In reply to Stargazer, location?

I guess that depends on the type of IT job you're talking about. I lived in Kansas City in the mid 90's and worked in IT. The shop I worked for was close to 50/50, and just as I was leaving that job, one of the female department heads was promoted to CIO.

Another job I held in KC had two female developers and one male. Both shops were primarily IBM Midrange.

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