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Why is it with males it seems

By zlitocook ·
More like we are harassing women and with females if they do the same thing it is just being friends? On a recent post of mine about reasions to skip work, I received some interesting posts about getting over my self. I treat everyone the same; I do not care if you are black, white, orange, male, female, gay, or what ever. I was just thinking about how people look at things and why. I have had manager and people training through the government were they do a profile study and psychology study. And I am a strong leader with low incentive to have others dislike me. I am a people person :) So why the big divide in IT for women?
I would rather work with a woman in certain areas because it has been shown that women think more interactively in certain ways then men do. But men think in terms that get the job done quickly.
I have read through the post and still wonder about the first question, why can we as males work with females in IT?

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lol, can imagen

by rob mekel In reply to I have absolutely no idea

why you don't have a clue ?:) what I'm talking about, given the experience you have.
My wrong, assumptioned that figures are same all over this globe. Guess they?re not.
Well then I have to exclude the rest of the world and only imply to the NL.
Two out of ten is female in the IT business. Unless you count (IT related) call-centres as IT.
Then it would be four out of ten.
On the math/physics point, and yes I?m sorry didn?t mention physics before, three out of ten is a female graduate. So as tech-high and university do demand math/physics to an IT education then there won?t be much females going into IT. That is what we can see, figures are published every year, in the NL. It levels up a bit with education on the job as in courses and exams of special college?s and universities.
The big question in the NL is why do females (girls, as they have to chose on when they are 13, then if they?re 14, and 16/17 years old, and if made that choice you can?t go back on it) don?t take there classes in math nor physics. The thinking over here is that it has to do with there upbringing by parents, teachers and other child-up raisers.
Hope this makes clear the clue what I was babbling about.


@life is too short to not enjoy it

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by noyoki In reply to lol, can imagen

I cheated. I did take physics (i'm a science nut, but I HATED physics... lol)

BUT! In high school, I never took pre-calc.... I took....

Computer programming instead!

Lol. And I'm paying for it by taking Calc now instead, while going for a Masters in networking/security. (I had an undergrad degree in technical (electrical) backstage live theater, minor in CS.)

But over here in the US (or at least in NY), they actually have things like "female as a minority" grants and such. Which I don't think is really fair... But then, given my background (see above), I guess I missed the fact that girls don't apparently want to do IT. Hypocritical, sure, but it's also free money... and I need all the help I can get...

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The divide... in numbers

by Leee In reply to Why divide?

According to the CNET Networks Audience Profile Study (2004), TR's Audience Profile is Male/Female: 82% male, 18% female. The average age is 43.

So, that said, the IT industry seems to be, at least statistically, a male-dominated culture. Chalk it up to the "boys are good at math, girls are good at humanities" stereotype long held in schools. Seeing that the average age is 43, that lends itself to the presumption that some TR subscribers are 63 while some are 23.

I'm not much of a gambler but I'd bet that of the 18% female population, easily two-thirds are closer to 23 than to 63 BECAUSE of the shift in education and training demographics. I'm also willing to bet that if the title of this post - "The divide... in numbers" - grabbed you, you're more likely to be male, older and a product of math- and science-focused education. It's not that women necessarily are worse at math, but that our culture doesn't encourage it like it does for men.

And, in answer to the original question, if you're outnumbered in what traditionally is a domain dominated by the opposite sex, there's bound to be some resentment and, yes, harrassment at some point in your career. (By "harrassment" I refer to any unwanted attention, particularly on account of one's gender or appearance.)

As for a biological reason for women's and men's thought processes, I'm sure there are numerous scientific and sociological studies trying to prove or disprove this. Maybe it's tied to why there's a "gorgeous geekette" feature, but no similar pinup collection of hot IT guys (and yes, I'm sure such men exist). Unfortunately, at this juncture, there isn't much of a market. Demographics strike again.

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by noyoki In reply to The divide... in numbers

> "willing to bet that if the title of this post - "The divide... in numbers" - grabbed you, you're more likely to be male, older and a product of math- and science-focused education."

Female, 25, and... well... I have always sucked at math, but bio!

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This was all explained

by jdclyde In reply to The divide... in numbers

in the discussion Jessi did at the beginning of summer.

The simple nature of the male brain can't process the complex musical patterns of the female voice, hense you get the "he never listens to me" misconception. It is really "he can't hear me"!

I really need to dig that discussion back up!

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Chicks get confused by tech stuff

by jdclyde In reply to Why is it with males it s ...

(snickering to self at the thought of all the REALLY pissed off women that couldn't click on this fast enough to bash me!)

They are SMART!
They are Funny!
They can click on a keyboard just as well as any macho guy can.

So where is the problem here?

Oh yeah, attitude. MANY techs are territorial regardless of the Sex of the tech OR of the people around them. This can be taken as hostility towards women as they are generally more sensitive about when someone is a jerk towards them and don't realize they are just jerks, not jerks towards women.

Problems from the other side. Many women have had to fight to get to where they are at, making them again more sensitive to anything that could be conceived as reflecting negatively on them or their abilities.

I personnally know more male techs that are jerks than I know female techs that are. But that is because I know more male techs maybe?

Tech, like most fields, really needs to be color blind and gender blind, as do all the people that want to WORK in tech. Never let someone elses gender or race cost you a buck. Surround yourself with the best PEOPLE you can find and "get 'r done"!

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Women fighting

by MirrorMirror In reply to Chicks get confused by te ...

Boy did you hit that on the head! I have literally had a male tech look at me and say that there is not room in the IT department for women. I have also heard other male techs referring to another tech dept staffed with mostly women as "The Girls Club".

Seems like women in tech have to prove themselves twice over what a guy does. Our technical expertise is more likely to be questioned or second guessed than a guy's technical expertise would.

However, we girls know what we are getting into when we enter this field. I have usually worked with guys and am very comfortable doing so. Guys conduct business differently than girls much like how guys are more rough and agressive at sports than girls are. There are women out there who do not get this and expect the guys to "play nice". I understand that I will usually have to, by force of will or superior technical knowledge, look my male counterparts in the eye on an issue and make them back down. Otherwise, I get no respect. Those are the rules of the game plain and simple.

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This is so true.

by noyoki In reply to Women fighting

I, too, have called tech support and had guys treat me like I couldn't tell the monitor from the printer... But it was the same with the technical side of theater too.

It was there that I learned that I had to carry 2 altmans or source-4's(which the guys could do 1-handed, and climb a metal vertical ladder. Well, I did do it (though I needed 2-hands), and found that there are quite a few acrobatics I can do on ladders that they can't which made me faster in getting things connected. (Hey, being an ex-dancer has its usefulness.))
(And for all you pervs, be you male or female, it was modern/lyrical dance clases, not exotic. )

Sure, saying that you know where the start button is, well, that's just asking them to go completely technical and over my head. I DO have limits. But just once, I wish someone wouldn't try to coddle me, or if they do go over my head to actually TEACH me. Guess that's not in their job description.

I think I need a voice changer.

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Too late

by jdclyde In reply to This is so true.

The visual is there and it is STAYING! ]:)

Now I can't stop the old RAT song "dance dance dance" from running round my head, but at least the visual makes it worth it! ;\

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So how do you go

by jdclyde In reply to Women fighting

from "DL" to DemolitionWoman"? Just curious.

Tell me the truth, don't you sometimes get treated the same way by other women too, or is it only from the guys?

Stand your ground. If you know your stuff and can show it without copping an attitude, people will recognise you for what you are.

My bud married a geekette, and she doesn't take crap from anyone ( accept me! I can get away with it because she knows I am joking and she gives JUST as good as she gets. )

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