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Why is it with males it seems

By zlitocook ·
More like we are harassing women and with females if they do the same thing it is just being friends? On a recent post of mine about reasions to skip work, I received some interesting posts about getting over my self. I treat everyone the same; I do not care if you are black, white, orange, male, female, gay, or what ever. I was just thinking about how people look at things and why. I have had manager and people training through the government were they do a profile study and psychology study. And I am a strong leader with low incentive to have others dislike me. I am a people person :) So why the big divide in IT for women?
I would rather work with a woman in certain areas because it has been shown that women think more interactively in certain ways then men do. But men think in terms that get the job done quickly.
I have read through the post and still wonder about the first question, why can we as males work with females in IT?

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by MirrorMirror In reply to So how do you go

I went to DemolitionWoman because I seem to always have to break down barriers or rebuild something. At my work, I am having to slowly acclimate people to a different way of doing things. I have been told how I have to be and what I have to be but I have had to break down the pre-conceived notions every time. Change is hard for some people. So, I am Demolition Woman!! Hear me roar...meow. :)

Sorry to seem to cop an attitude. After a while of being treated like a criminal for advocating best practices, I get a tad defensive. My name may change again later when I feel like I do not have to do battle everyday.

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Most of that has nothing to do with gender

by jdclyde In reply to because

(as far as I can tell)

If your talking about changing the way (l)users use the systems, that is everywhere.

People will always look for the quick and easy for THEM, regardless of if it is good for the company or not.

When I got hired in, we didn't even have email. When we got it, it was MY job to train the 100+ people how to use computers AND email.(majority didn't EVER even have a pc until email)

Right away, many decenters cast a passive resistance to this saying that they didn't have TIME to take people away from their jobs to do this and that they would show their people how to send email. Others claimed they didn't want or NEED email. The CEO stepped up and "informed" everyone that they WILL be in their assigned classes, and this email will be vital to their continued employment with the company.

5 years later, if the email is down for five minutes, my phone is ringing non-stop because people NEED to get that email out and blah blah blah.

End of long story, most employees don't CARE about security or best practices until it benifits THEM.

Don't take it personally. It is them, not you.

Now go break something.

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most employees don't CARE about security

by rob mekel In reply to Most of that has nothing ...

or best practices until it benifits THEM.

And right you are.

But then this link is only my opinion!


@Life is too short to not enjoy it :)

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The tech guys I work with

by stargazerr In reply to because

are really happy that finally they have a girl in their midst

As for users ... They give the guys just as much headache as us girls ...

As for the name change .... Mambo wasnt too happy with me changing my name ... Lets see what he says about yours ... ... If he doesnt say anything, I might be the next one to adopt the name Demolition Woman


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How about

by jdclyde In reply to The tech guys I work with




(oh, you wanted something ending in woman)

WonderWoman! (yes, you DO have to wear the little linda carter suit if you use this name!)

I think to get in the correct vein of things, we really need to get Jaqui to help out here! I am SURE that he would have some great ideas!

MistrissKitty! ohhhh, I LIKE it! ]:)

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by stargazerr In reply to How about

No, I dont want to demolish women ...

And I am sure I can "Spice" up the Linda Carter suit to suit the new Wonderwoman ...


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by noyoki In reply to So how do you go

I don't know enough to stand ground. This is why I admin the site I'm not afraid to say "I don't know", and I'm not afraid to learn. I will however take offense if you assume I *can't* or *shouldn't* learn.

As far as with fems, not really, no. Save one consultant that I never really deal with anymore anyway... She thinks she knows everything (about everything), but when asked a question on something, she goes and calls tech support (like *I* can't do that myself!) and cuts you off as you try answer her repetitive questions. (Are you sure you have made her admin...?" "Yes, I have made her acc..." "It works on my computer...")

I have, however, gone to tech support and asked a specific question, only to get "to copy and paste, click edit... past...", at which point (generally after the 3rd time of being treated like a total newb) I start getting a headache. Lol. I'll admit to not having ANY actual tech support calls fielded by fems... Normally only accounts related.

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by jdclyde In reply to Lol,

If someone is rude and interupts me I just stop talking. They finish and I still don't say anything. When they finally ask something of me, I state to them that I was making sure they were done so they wouldn't have to interupt me again.

It gets the point across real quick. I don't take crap from anybody.

Respect isn't just for the top tech in the area, it is for everyone. That means you. Try a happy song instead of a tearsong and you can/will stand your ground better! That is what standing your ground is about, common respect. Demand it.

Now look what you did! Here I was having fun trying to get the babes of TR all worked up and you made me get serious. GRRRR. Now I will have to go find a noob to flame! :^O (j/k)

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she gives JUST as good as she gets???

by Jaqui In reply to So how do you go

funny, I didn't know they made strapons that small ]:)

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Ok, fine

by jdclyde In reply to she gives JUST as good as ...

you got me. She gives BETTER than she gets!

Besides, in sex, it is the thought that counts! or was that for gift giving? Oh I get so confused sometimes! ;\

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