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Why is it with males it seems

By zlitocook ·
More like we are harassing women and with females if they do the same thing it is just being friends? On a recent post of mine about reasions to skip work, I received some interesting posts about getting over my self. I treat everyone the same; I do not care if you are black, white, orange, male, female, gay, or what ever. I was just thinking about how people look at things and why. I have had manager and people training through the government were they do a profile study and psychology study. And I am a strong leader with low incentive to have others dislike me. I am a people person :) So why the big divide in IT for women?
I would rather work with a woman in certain areas because it has been shown that women think more interactively in certain ways then men do. But men think in terms that get the job done quickly.
I have read through the post and still wonder about the first question, why can we as males work with females in IT?

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by noyoki In reply to Chicks get confused by te ...

I am glad you followed that with the opposite. Rofl. I saw the title in my e-mail, saw it from you and thought you had gone off on vacation for abit and NZ_Justice stole your name. :)

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tearsong by dear

by jdclyde In reply to JD...

all in good fun!

I have all the respect in the world for geeketts! Wish I could find a single one in my area too! Just can't find the good ones because they are hiding in their server rooms!

Seriously, I remember in school who was smart and who was stupid. Why would that have changed now?

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by noyoki In reply to tearsong by dear

> "Seriously, I remember in school who was smart and who was stupid. Why would that have changed now?"

For starters, we no longer walk to school barefoot... in the snow... uphill both ways... lugging floppies bigger than watermelons. ]:)

*ducks and runs*

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You have

by jdclyde In reply to Well...

a ten second head start, and then I am coming after you.....


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10 seconds

by noyoki In reply to You have

*Uses the 10 seconds to download that little javascript from another thread that flashes "Porn Freak" onto the computers of JD's most annoying users at work (CxO's included) and sets them to startup every 1 minute. At second 9.5, JD's phone starts ringing off the hook.*


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great joke file

by jdclyde In reply to 10 seconds

I have a GREAT joke file.

First thing it does, is it turns your computer volume up (so cool) and then a LOUD voice yells "HEY EVERYBODY! I'M LOOKING AT PORNO OVER HERE! WOO HOO!"

and then on the screen it pops up "gotcha!"

Oh, I DO so love sending that to people stuck in cubicle ****! ]:)

NOTE: my phone goes right to voice mail, ALWAYS! You used up 9 of your 10 and I am after you!

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Can't run anyway...

by noyoki In reply to 10 seconds

Unless after about 3 blocks, you really want to find my collapsed form and carry me to the hospital. Lol, while I'm sure Jaqui would agree, asphyxiation is fun, there's no safety release in asthma.

Instead... ::crawls into the farthest depths of the the teeniest crevice she can find::

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give her

by Jaqui In reply to You have

15 seconds, longer time watching the wiggle ]:)

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no, five

by jdclyde In reply to give her

I just don't run as fast as I can so it extends the chase! Plus the shocked look of horror when she realizes I have "cheated" just adds to the adrinaline rush when I finally move in for the "kill".

The hunt is best with the sweet taste of fear in the air.... ;\

Got that leather paddle with the metal studs that I asked to borrow? ]:)

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get 'r done

by rob mekel In reply to Chicks get confused by te ...

like those twists in lines/words ,
they're almost devilish ]:)

Unless y're really meaning what y're implying. Then they are devilish. Will give you the benefit of doubt. But do enlighten if you think otherwise.


@life is too short to not enjoy it

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