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Why is it?

By maxwell edison ·
Why is it that so many people complain about government at all levels; seemingly distrust all politicians; abhor the political system; recognize rampant waste, fraud, and abuse; see government corruption and undue influence-peddling under every departmental rock; and so on, but they want more of it (more government), not less, and they expect these people to provide the only answer for all their problems?

Isn't that like recognizing your accountant as a liar and an embezzler, believing that ALL accountants are liars and embezzlers, but you continue to let him (and them) manage your books anyway, all the while getting angry, wondering where all your money goes? Isn't that like recognizing your doctor as an incompetent imposter, believing that ALL doctors are incompetent imposters, but you still send your kids to him (and them) for their care, even though some of your kids have been maimed or killed by the quack(s)?

Why do people wish for MORE of the very thing they continually complain about and despise? Do they really believe that "their guy" will make it all better? Do they actually believe some magical occurrence will cause things to change? Are they really MORE afraid of taking-on the responsibility themselves, not realizing it isn't that difficult to balance a checkbook or put on your own band-aid? Why do they seemingly want more of the very thing they despise? What is it they really want?

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Reply to jd

by drowningnotwaving In reply to Pretty long, but I gave i ...

Um, not much to say but YES.

A couple of the points that I did not write clearly enough:

For example, is your quality of life entirely beholden upon there tiers of government (fed, state and local) and all the inherent, pure, utter waste that this structure entails?

What I was referring to was that in the US, ... similarly in Canada, Australia, Germany and others ... There are three tiers of government - local, state/provincial/regional and federal.

Surely ONE of those tiers could basically just be dumped. Gone. Kaputski.

Constitutionally improbable and emotionally / historically extremely difficult to do, I am fully aware.

But the question I was asking was: does paying for three tiers of government, in and of itself, enhance your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness?

From you: Also our represenatives should not be ALLOWED to have a separate benefits package than the rest of the real world. Same retirement package as anyone else would get. If they were forced to be in the same system, you can bet your a$$ they would fix it.

Amen. This is seemingly universal. How did it happen in the first instance? Is it quite possibly the most basic single point of inherent corruption in the mechanics of politics?

I'd rather pay fair market value (and I am sure we each have an idea of what that may be!!!) as long as they played by the same rules they force me to play in.

From you: I assume you mean during that time frame because rights were not quite so equal back then?

Yes, but I wasn't referring to slavery for exactly the points you make.

Just simply that in excess of 50% of the population did not have access to l/l/&tpoh.

I appreciate your response.

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Heck JD

by TonytheTiger In reply to The government is not her ...

Half of the price of a pack of smokes is taxes.

almost a third of everything is taxes... Taxes on cigarettes are just more obvious.. The average "Tax Freedom Day" was April 26th last year.

I just shook my head the other day... my favorite gas station just started charging 75 cents to use their air hose... 81 cents with tax

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charging for air.....

by jdclyde In reply to Heck JD

Back in the day, I worked at a service station. It was right at the time when some of the stations had just started putting the crappy little pay pumps in. We didn't have that.

People would come in and ask "Do you have free air?"

My answer was always "Sure do! Breath all you want!" :^)

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Tax freedom day means

by maxwell edison In reply to Heck JD

People are forced to labor 4 months out of every 12 just to pay taxes. (And that does not include sales taxes, et al, that we pay year-long). Considering that 60 percent of the federal budget if taken up by scores of social programs -- that is, programs that TAKE the dollars from the person who earned them, and GIVES those dollars to a person who did not earn them, plus 15 percent of the budget that pays debt interest on previous payments, that means 75 percent of those 4 months goes to other people, not government infrastructure.

That means for THREE MONTHS of the average person's working year, he/she IS FORCED TO SERVE THE NEEDS OF ANOTHER PERSON. One hundred fifty years ago, we called "forced labor to serve another" slavery.

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jd - working in gas stations

by maxwell edison In reply to Heck JD

I did it for years -- free air and all. I even filled the tires FOR them. And I even washed the windows. Not all bad, however, as that was in the day of the miniskirt! <insert eyes popping out smiley face here>

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The social life of the third shift worker

by jdclyde In reply to jd - working in gas stati ...

It was amazing the social life. Lots of women would come in to see you at all hours of the night. Would have to give "tours" of the back room.

The boss let me do as I pleased because my drawer was always right, the place was clean and stocked, and I walked in on him doing a line one day. :0

That, and would finish all my work right away, then pull my guitar in and get paid to play all night long.

Life was good, AND I had health care! B-)

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jd - I worked "at the station" after school. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to jd - working in gas stati ...

.....from about 4:00 to 10:00 and all weekend. It was a great experience, in many ways. <insert winkey smiley face here>

It's amazing to see the differences between 1966 and 2006. What a difference a few decades makes, don't you think? And to think, our kids are on the ride to the next few.

All kidding aside, we're going in the wrong direction. How in the **** can we turn it around?

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jd - an addendum

by maxwell edison In reply to jd - working in gas stati ...

In 30-40 years, I'll be dead (or too damn old to give a damn). Why should I care what happens? But I do care. I don't want my kids to live in a world that seems almost inevitable.

Socialism came to America about 100 years ago, and it's been chipping away at our way of life ever since. There were TWO watershed years for that infiltration of socialism: the first was 1932; the next was 1964. And the current crop of Americans are too damn stupid to see the obvious. And they DO NOT understand our history. True personal freedom and individual liberty are, apparently, a thing of the past. Is it too late to turn the tide?

P.S. Concerning my "stupid" comments. I stand by them (not for you, jd, of course). I'm often accused of being too rigid -- e.g. I'm "right" and others are "wrong". Well, I AM right; and those idiots (you know who you are) ARE wrong. But like I said, I'll be dead and gone. It's your friggin'n bed that you made, and it's you (or your kids) who will have to sleep in it. People like TonyTiger, jd, and others (and me) are doing what we can to reverse the tide, but your stupidity and instant-gratification thinking is winning. I hope you're happy.

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A couple of possibilities

by TonytheTiger In reply to Why is it?

1. It's like getting addicted to the slot machine ("Maybe if I put just a little more in, I'll hit the jackpot.").

2. It's not all politicians. It's all of them except for theirs!

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The people that want more and more

by jdclyde In reply to Why is it?

only trust the people "that care" enough to give THEM the handouts. Well, I don't think they actually trust them, but they will put up with almost anything if it keeps the gravy train rolling.

We talk about "cutting the pork", yet the senators that bring the most Federal dollars back to their states are the ones that get re-elected.

Trust and hypocrisy. We are going to see a lot of it soon. Heard on the radio that Obama admitted to heavy drinking, a bad coke addiction, and smoking pot. The dishonest that have been railing against Bush for his drinking problem of decades ago, will be the first to praise Obama for his courage and will to overcome his addiction. I know we will not see someone like JCK come out calling him "druggie Obama" like he did Limbaugh or "drunk Obama" like he did Bush, and neither will the rest of the dishonest left.

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