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Why is non-outsourced tech support so bad?

By rlast ·
We're in the middle of the 4th year of the 21st century & tech support is worse then ever!
A 2003 SSPA survey estimates that the First Call Resolution in the software publishing industry is 46%!

Why is it so bad, still?

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If I Were Hiring...

by richards_unsubcribe In reply to Ree-hee-heally?

If I were hiring I would stipulate non-smoking as a pre-requisite to any job application.

Skyrocketing health insurance costs, the life insurance industry figured out years ago that smokers die earlier and cost more to support... so their rates are higher for smokers. The loss of productivity due to time off for smoking related illnesses and lost productive time due to "smoke breaks" all sap the bottom line. It's interesting that some politically correct workplaces even stipulate a "fragrance free" environment, all the while allowing hordes of their workers to stream back into the office after a coffee break... their clothes stinking of residual tobacco smoke... what a joke.

If people want to commit tobacco-assisted suicide, they wouldn't be doing it on my watch.


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Hard work not smart work is rewarded. Look at advertising.

by asheehy In reply to Working Long Hours Doesn' ...

If you go to the link above, you will see how ingrained 'face time' or long hours are ingrained in the American working psyche.

The decision makers actually use this in a marketing campaign? How long you work makes no difference. What you get done and for what cost does. Just the fact that people have to work long hours means that either the company is running the staff levels to lean or they trying to substitute hardwork for competence.

Especially for a company like EDS where most of the work it does is Time and Materials. So as a client, whenever I see them burning the midnight oil, I see my bill going up.

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Bad Leadership and Management

by abarfield In reply to Most Efficient Workforce ...

Lets put the blame where it belongs - Bad leadership and managemnt.

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Bad Leadership and management

by ezrommokgakala In reply to Bad Leadership and Manage ...

How do we correct this?

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by oprensr In reply to Bad Leadership and manage ...

I am not sure that this is correctable. Everyone knows its a problem but the only people who can change it, the management are not concerned. All they see is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ today. Not the coming calamity.

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Easy Targets on High

by foosapiens In reply to Bad Leadership and Manage ...

It is simple binary logic - blame those above us or blame ourselves. Some people have a simplistic view, blame my boss. More often it is a combination of the two (just like teeth, we need functional uppers and lowers). Did you pick this job, or were you forced into it? Do you know everything you should know, or are you a child waiting to be served? There are bad bosses and bad employees - there are good bosses and good employees. I must admit, those people who design forms that give you ______ space for a name and ________________ space for a date on the same form perplex me. The individual must always be responsible for his/her choices - including the industry they have decided to work in. Our society has developed the most sophisticated electronics, yet we seem to keep falling down on more basic problems. The three F?s ? form, fit, and function ? engineering doesn?t own these attributes; they need to belong to everyone. Fix it, replace it, or accept it. The other option is to go somewhere else.

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Not to sound like a political 'sound-byte', but...

by cyberteets In reply to Easy Targets on High

I couldn't agree with foosapien more...I would add that part of the problem where front line customer satisfaction is concerned goes back to the "right hand not knowing..." scenario. There are so many independent'layers' of support particularly in phone support, that just getting to the right person is a challenge for the customer. After (time on hold, plus) 10 minutes with 'support level I', is there anything more annoying than being given a new number/extension for someone ELSE who SHOULD be able to help with a particular problem. The lack of interdepartmental communicative ability with many companies is astonishing.
The complete absence of empowerment at strategic levels of the front line is a structural mistake as well. How ridiculous is it (and what does it cost a company in time lost) to spend that aforementioned 10 minutes only to be then told, let me connect you with a 'supervisor', who then must connect you with...
(Done any phone biz with DELL lately? You know exactly what I mean!)

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Don't forget transfers

by allways_something In reply to Not to sound like a polit ...

Don't forget the "Let me transfer you to ..., they should be able to help you." Then you hear the phone ring 5 or 6 times followed by a dead phone.

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good point

by oprensr In reply to Easy Targets on High

Ultimately the problem is the people not the management. We have let ourselves drift into this situation by accepting shortcuts and unprincipled actions of our own. The change has to start with the people. It would help if we would pick good leaders who don't promise "pie in the sky".

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Why Support is so bad and American Work Ethic

by ProblemSlayer In reply to Most Efficient Workforce ...

First as a former support person, I think one of the biggest reasons, aside from some already mentioned is that companies do not pay their support staff enough to attract individuals of quality with a good knowledge and problem solving skill set. Half the time it seems like you are talking to someone who is making minimum wage reading from a script who would be completely powerless if you took away their computer, (which is telling them what to do.)

More than once I knew more about the system these guys are supporting then they did. I don't blame the support persons themselves, I blame the Managment for either not paying enough to keep talented and knowledgeable fold or for not training properly the folks they have. Many times support is a second thought and thought as a cost center, not a profit center, so now one wants to pay for good support.

Luckily there are exceptions out there, but they seem few and far between.

As to the American work ethic...
It is really easy go based on antidotal evidence here. Some might say it's great and some might say it's horrible based on their experience. When you look at how much we produce in product and wealth per person compared to the rest of the world and the numbers of hours the average American work works, you see that the our work ethic is alive an well . While it may not be what it once was, and while you can find a slob who thinks that it's incontinent of the customer to actually expect service, I think as a whole, America is one of the hardest if not thee hardest working country out there.

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