Why is TR not removing SPAMMERS and HACKERS?

By jdclyde ·

I would think the only way to effectively discourage both hackers and spammers is to remove all evidence of their being there as fast as they make themselves known. Am I alone in this line of thinking?

Is ignoring hackers and spammers the desired method of handling them?

The linked "discussion" has now been up for over two weeks. A second offender has come along and is looking to pick up where the first loser finished off (provided it isn't the same user).

I would think leaving discussions like this in place would look poorly on a technical site?

If the game plan is to ignore, let us know and I won't bother you again about it.

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We'll look in to removing that

by georgeou In reply to Why is TR not removing SP ...
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Contact TR

by TheChas In reply to Why is TR not removing SP ...

The best way to get a thread or peer removed is to directly contact TR.

Use the help link and point them to the thread or peer.

The big problem is that there is no way to stop them from coming back with a different ID or starting over from scratch.

I would suggest that you not start threads that could end up directing new eyes to a different thread offering hacking or other questionable information.


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If TR would have a "Report Abuse" link

by jdclyde In reply to Contact TR

it would be much simpler.

As for linking to the discussion, once the discussion is pulled, no one will be looking at anything.

Different ID's. If they are pulled as fast as they go up, the SPAMMERS/HACKERS will move on to a site that is an easier mark.

I still think TR should get a consolidated list of just posts by new members, say less than a month of being a member has you on a watched list.

I was also surprised that James's post didn't catch their eye two weeks ago. Oh well, everyone was getting ready for the holiday I guess.

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I'm going to ask them to add that link for every post

by georgeou In reply to If TR would have a "Repor ...
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I'll try not abuse you any more then George. (NT)

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I'm going to ask them to ...
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by ProtiusX In reply to Contact TR

What is the significance of the numeric value placed next to ones moniker and the thumbs up?

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by TheChas In reply to Question

That number is the number of questions that you have answered where the person who asked the question rated your answer as helpful.

A little less arbitrary than the old points system. Plus, not near as obscure as the percentage system.


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I see they chose to leave the discussion

by jdclyde In reply to Why is TR not removing SP ...

here it is, a few daze out and the PTB have decided to leave the spammer/hacker "discussion" in place.

I guess that is my answer.

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I think you'll find....

by gadgetgirl In reply to Why is TR not removing SP ...

that there is a simpler answer to that one babz.

Under "normal" circumstances, it is usually Smorty or Jay who stomp on the offenders; Jay being the fastest by far (think he gets more enjoyment out of it than Smorty!)

As Jay is away at the moment, Beth was heading up the squash list, but she appears to be on leave, as is Smorty.

Ergo, no-one in TR in the festive season who can quickly get in a crunch the little darlings before they run riot.

Seems to be lots of them at the moment, though - I wonder if word has got out that no-one is "watching" but us posters.


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Running on auto pilot

by jdclyde In reply to I think you'll find....

at a minimum I would have expected the first reply that actually had the "answer" to be edited.

It really does reflect poorly on TR to have such crap laying around.

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