Why is Windows often perceived to be more vulnerable to attack than other?

By latonyamcbrady ·
Why is Windows often perceived to be more vulnerable to attack than other systems, such as Linux and Mac OS?

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Who's more vulnerable??

by mjd420nova In reply to Why is Windows often perc ...

All those who do the nefarious things on the web, are going to go after the easiest first to support the research needed to go after the hard ones. Apple products make users feel too safe when numbers are compared but that doesn't take in the proliferation of X86 machines. Some don't bother to take even simple measures to prevent intrusions thinking they are beyond the direction or needs of the attacker.

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the largest security hole . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Why is Windows often perc ...

is sitting in the chair;

the secondary problem is the default settings of nearly everything is open

the average user who doesn't know the difference between .doc & .exe
would not tolerate a closed / locked down system that they'd have to learn how to open so they can use it in "everything just works" mode

this is evident in the thousands of "how do I bypass the admin." questions all over the net when kids and employees try to do stuff on school / company systems that they can do at home but the IT dept. has locked out on their equipment

and was one of the reasons for the backlash against UAC

thus it's up to the power user to learn how to close down and secure it at home

I've used winders from 3.10 to present and never had one virus
had many infected machines given to me
but never contracted anything from my own usage of my own systems
one reason is I close up or disable as much unnecessary junk as possible without rendering the system inoperable
though it would be difficult for the average user to use my system with the config. settings I use, I have no problem using it

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Reponse To Answer

by robo_dev In reply to the largest security hole ...

I've never considered myself to be a security hole :) , but I have been called worse things.

Your point is that a really skilled user can make Windows secure. The other side of that argument is that users should not have to have advanced security skills to use a computer.

Thus a Macintosh with default settings and no AV software whatsoever is equivalent to the most locked-down and protected PC with 15 different AV packages installed.

If Windows were a car, it would come standard with no brakes, no airbags, and no locks on the ignition or doors.

It's really a business decision to make it purposely insecure; companies like McAfee or WebRoot would be driven out of business if Windows came standard with locks, brakes, and airbags.

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