Why isnt browser adblock deployed in Enterprise?

By ridhimanalloysmum ·
Why don’t businesses or organizations deploy ad blockers for their browsers? I mean this is possible to do but I have never seen anyone do it. I work as an intern in a company they don't use it. Why??

What is so difficult for admins to deploy adblockers for every user by default? It’s surely better to have adblocker than not having one? They stop annoying ads, they stop bad actors infecting computers, no more tracking....

Also, imagine how much bandwidth it would save a company which as thousands of users who all use the internet for many hours every day.

The only reason I could think of why they might not deploy it is because in case the Adblock extension suffers what you call “software supply chain attack” and this could cause big issues.

I deployed this AdBlocker (uBlock) at my friend's Site but it doesn't seem to work. I’m not a sysadmin so I can’t really answer this question myself. I searched google but can’t seem to find an answer.
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Website now block machines with adblocker

by elleryjuly In reply to Why isnt browser adblock ...

1. More and more websites are forcing people to turn off ad blockers if they want to see the information.
2. Most adblockers do not block most Google ads, in fact, some allow only google ads.
3. Adblockers are not perfect and will block some flash and javascript information.
4. Many large companies and just about every Fortune 2000 company use online ads; it would be weird to block ads and expect others to not block their ads. Say you work at GE, Ford, Disney, Facebook, Comcast, or Google and it got out you provide your employees with adblockers?

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