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Why I.T pro's get sick

By william.bondy ·
It really doesn't matter what Level of I.T you?re in, but after working with any person's keyboard and mice you should wash your hands immediately. I'm no doctor but I read a report the other day that the common keyboard and or mouse has more gems on it than any toilet in a bar on Friday night. Just think, buddy users has had his mouse and keyboard for say 3 years, during that time he has had 20 colds a half dozen flu?s and who knows how many times he or she forgot to wash their hands after you know what. And they say about 65% of people pick their nose regularly hmmmmmm that could add up to something nasty.

I am starting to think that maybe when contracting cleaners for all building Facility, cleaning the Mouse and keyboard should be a standard, we might as well include LAN phones.

I am willing to bet that that next super bug that kills most of the human race is brewing up on someone's mouse as we speak.

There has been some discussion over the years about this, I'm wondering what people have done to prevent the transfer of gems, I?m no gemaphob but I was getting sick on a regular basis so now I wash my hands about 25 times a day; now I have to deal with dry hands but I haven?t been sick in 8 months.

I?m thinking as a industries we need to put measurements\standards in place to prevent the spread of the next super bug (well I might be exaggerating about the super bug).

I was thinking we should come up with a standard company memo. Then governments funded commercials. Well let?s start with a memo first!

Post some of your idea?s and I will compile some of your work. Once complete I will repost for everyone to look at to modify then I will let you know how many people come to my office to get a Clean wipes for their keyboards and mice.

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Baby wipes

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Why I.T pro's get sick

I keep one of those plastic tubs of baby wipes on my desk and pull one out after every service call.

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Hand sanitizer...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Why I.T pro's get sick

germ-X hand sanitizer sits by my station at all times and is used regularly through out the day. Besides, if things get rough, I can always take a swig of it B-) (just kidding. There was an article about kids drinking the stuff, it is something like 62% ethyl alcohol. Although it must taste really bad...)

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I'm with you

by AV . In reply to Why I.T pro's get sick

I used to get sick all the time until I started washing my hands after every visit. If I can't do that, I use some kind of hand purifier.

I never was a germaphobe until I starting looking around people's work areas. Yuk! Dirty tissues, food, gym shoes under their desks with dirty socks (for the lunchtime walkers in the office). Double yuk!

It isn't only the mouse and keyboard. What about the power buttons on the CPU and monitor. I use a pen or pencil top to touch them.

Now that you mention it, how about those touch screens that are on Xerox copiers and the like. You can't wipe those off. Triple yuk!

I look at it as a hazard of our profession. Meantime, I have the dryest, most chapped hands and haven't found a hand cream that really helps. Does anyone have any ideas on that?


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hand cream

by Shellbot In reply to I'm with you

now its girly stuff..but go and buy some "Clarins" intense hand moisteriser.

smells a bit weird..but i only use it at night, but its works wonders.

not cheap though, but lasts for a good while..

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Girly stuff is ok with me

by AV . In reply to hand cream

I'm one of the girls. I never heard of Clarins, but I'll look for it.


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not girly stuff....

by dwain.erhart In reply to hand cream

My sons make a hand cream with their Beeswax - they are 4H Beekeepers. So, I use it (if only to support the guys!) and I also use their lip balm.

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I use...

by cmiller5400 In reply to I'm with you

Lubriderm Advanced Therapy for Extra Dry Skin. It works great for me.

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Neutragena Fisherman's Friend

by Tig2 In reply to I'm with you

Also Aveeno and Curel. I keep a bottle next to the bleach wipes and the hand sanitiser.

I don't do end user contact any more but I HAVE seen other people's workspaces. I clean the printer regularly and only print in the morning if I can. Some of these people... YEESH!

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I'm currently trying Aveeno extra dry

by AV . In reply to Neutragena Fisherman's Fr ...

It seems to work pretty good so far, but I think I'm over washing with whatever foamy soap concoction they have at work.

I haven't been sick all winter, but my hands now look like they have a chemical burn. Someone should invent antibacterial gloves for people like us.


Edited for sloppy typing

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Try this

by Tig2 In reply to I'm currently trying Avee ...

While I was a nurse, I would rub Vasoline into my hands before my shift and pull on a pair of white cotton gloves. I am allergic to the powder they use in rubber/nylagen gloves so double gloving was a must.

I never took off the cotton gloves- they were usually hideous at the end of a day. But I never did anything without a pair of disposables- you had to glove to touch a patient.

Between the disposables and the cotton gloves along with the Vasoline, I never worried about my hands. I never had to.

I always had two or three pair of cottons with me for every shift.

I have also discovered that I am allergic to many of the soaps that are institutionally sourced. I buy a pocket sized bottle of the liquid of my choice and a giant size of same. The little bottle is with me so that I can use my own soap in the Ladies.

Never open the door with your hands...

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