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Why must TR keep changing the Sender and/or Subject of Newsletters?

By deepsand ·
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Through the 26 NOV issue, the "Downloads Weekly Roundup" Newsletter was From "TechRepublic Downloads Weekly Update," with the Subject being "[TechRepublic] Downloads Weekly Roundup --- ...".

With the 03 DEC issue, the From field changed to "Downloads at TechRepublic," while the Subject field changed to " [TechRepublic] Downloads at TechRepublic."

The 10 DEC issue saw the From field change to "Downloads."

This is but one example of what has happened with various TR Newsletters in recent times.

For those of us who employ filters for the sorting of incoming e-mail, this is no small inconvenience, particularly for those with a high volume of unfiltered mail going into ones general In-Box.

Please stick with constant e-mail Header Fields unless there is a compelling reason for change.

And, when such change is to be effected, kindly do as others do, and give subscribers advance notice of the changes that they will need to make to their e-mail filters.

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Can you enter an entire domain?

by NickNielsen In reply to Why must TR keep changing ...

My provider uses Postini to filter mail. I loaded "" to my approved sites and have not had a TR update or email filtered since.

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Not talking about e-mails being blocked.

by deepsand In reply to Can you enter an entire d ...

Rather, I'm addressing the use of filters to route incoming e-mails into their proper sub-directories/folders; i.e., to pre-sort incoming messages.

When the Header info. changes, the existing sort rules need to be changed; otherwise, messages which are to be directed to their own folders end up in the general In-Box by default.

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Ahh! Misunderstood

by NickNielsen In reply to Not talking about e-mails ...

That never even occurred to me. Since I use different accounts for different purposes, I don't get so many to any one account that I have to sort them. All mail to each account (other than known spam) goes to the general in-box.

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I'd be dead without Filters to pre-sort my e-mails.

by deepsand In reply to Ahh! Misunderstood

Owing to the great number of e-letters that I subscribe to, financial & non-financial accounts handled on-line, on-line forums participated in, and client e-mails POPed from their accounts to mine, I'd be hard pressed to deal with the daily volume were it not for the ability to have incoming missives pre-sorted.

My 2 main accounts alone presently have 337 such Rules in total.

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That's a lot of rules

by NickNielsen In reply to I'd be dead without Filte ...

Implying even more emails. I'm a fast reader, but even just browsing, I'd be hard put to read that many emails a day and still do my job...or have time to sleep!

You're a better man than I am (not that I expect you to argue the point ).

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All of those rules serve to greatly reduce the amount of reading required.

by deepsand In reply to That's a lot of rules

With most of the messages coming from regular sources pre-sorted, I know which ones most likely require immediate attention and which do not.

And, of those which can wait, I know which ones can be quickly scanned for worthwhile content and then either archived or trashed, which require more close attention & time, and which can, without being read, be simply archived locally so as to be available for being searched for pertinent content in the future.

Although it's still a lot of e-mails to deal with, having Filters doing so much work in pre-sorting them really does serve to make the load manageable, but only barely so. That's why having the Filters fail, owing to unnecessary & unannouced Header changes really pisses me off.

As for being the better man, as you may in fact have more time to put to better use than do I, that honor may very well be yours.

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Yes, well...

by NickNielsen In reply to All of those rules serve ...

I suspect we both do a fairly good job of just taking up space...

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by Beth Blakely In reply to Why must TR keep changing ...

Deepsand, thanks for pointing out how constant changes can annoy and inconvenience our members. I'll be sure that the appropriate PTB are shown this thread.

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Thank you.

by deepsand In reply to Thanks

While it is true that all progress depends on change, it is not true that all change results in progress, particularly those changes which are gratuitous.

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