Why some empty folders can't be deleted ?

By newmarketcomics ·
I saw some empty folders in my C:\Program Files.
Programs previously located in these folders have been uninstalled, but when I tried to remove these folders, error message occured :
Cannot remove folder xxx: It is being used by another person or program.
Close any programs that might be using the file and try again.

How to clean this thing up ? Thanks.

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Deleted and come up again

by newmarketcomics In reply to Why some empty folders ca ...

I tried various tools recommended here. Some tools like unlocker can remove the folders, but after reboot, then they come up again.
Seanferd was right when he mentioned that they are owned by window. I checked the process which is using those folders, and it is winlogon.exe.
Unless I can locate the initialization (file?) of winlogon.exe and remove the entry from the initialization, I think there is no way to remove it completely.

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by dcunningham81 In reply to Deleted and come up again

That would be a good way not to log on, period. An empty folder is taking a minimal amount of space. I feel if you succeeded in deleting the folder, you won't come back after reboot. If it is tied in to windows logon.exe then leave it alone since there must be a reason for it.

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by seanferd In reply to Deleted and come up again

dcunningham81 is right. These folders effectively take up zero space.

In fact, if you could find a way to keep these deleted, the trade-off would be Windows trying to find these many times a day. When it can't find them, it will look again and again, sometimes in different places, any time Explorer or something else calls for a list of directories.

You can even check on this sort of thing with something that tracks I/O calls (like Sysinternals Process Monitor) and see all the activity missing files and directories produce. You would probably never notice anything yourself, but it certainly outweighs by far the existence of a couple of zero-byte folders.

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by Niall Baird In reply to Deleted and come up again

You will probably find that its the 'self repair' option of some programs. For example, the Xerox program is possibly a printer / printer driver that you have not uninstalled, so every time you try to delete the 'program files' folder, it will self repair and put it back again. I believe Frontpage is part of IIS, so if you have anything that's using IIS, you will not be able to get rid of the program files folder until you've uninstalled IIS.

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by Cuffy10 In reply to Why some empty folders ca ...

Google any one of those file names using "how to remove" and it will turn up more information than you'll ever need.

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