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Why the Constant Arguing

By rkuhn ·
Ok, I have my favorite OS...Windows.

Others have theirs...Linux, MAC, Unix, etc.

Why the constant bickering?

If you don't like my OS, Windows, there are plenty of other choices for you. I don't discount your choice of OS, so why discount my choice?

I've picked my OS that fits my wants and needs the most among other reasons and you've picked yours.

It should stop there. I don't try to "convert" anyone. To each his own.

But the Linux crowd are like a bunch of religious zealots. I'm stupid, uninformed, lazy, dumb, etc if I choose Windows? Why?

If you don't like Windows, don't use it. It's that simple. If you don't like Microsoft, don't buy their products. It's that simple.

But we all have our wants and needs, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. We all make our decisions based on our own situation. Don't prejudge.

What works for me may or may not work for you. That's the beauty one is putting a gun to your head.

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boils down to $$

by CG IT In reply to Why the Constant Arguing

The next best selling [which equates to $$]word processor program, spreadsheet program, browser, is hard to create on a Windows platform because Microsoft also creates the same thing. Difficult to compete with a company that not only makes the O/S but all the productivity software that users use. That's what the EU is all in a twist about. $$.

Programmers like to use Linux, Unix, etc that provide them a O/S platform that they can create their own programs on, in the hopes of selling the thing. MS DOS provided such a platform back in the "good ole days" before Windows. Back then there were 3 or 4 competing word processing programs [WordPerfect, Display Writer, WordStar, MS Word,] today, the world uses MS Word. Lotus 123 was the spreadsheet program in the days of DOS. Everyone used it, but there were other ones. Boeing created their own called BoeingCalc.

Windows 95, then 98 and on up to XP allowed the average Joe User to own a computer and not be a nerd.

Windows is successful for that reason. The average Joe can own a computer,install software, surf the net and not have to understand how a computer works to get it to work.

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It Almost Always Boils Down to $

by rkuhn In reply to boils down to $$

Ever wonder why MA is suing Walmart because they don't offer stellar health insurance to their employees but yet we are now engaged in a debate over immigration where most of the illegals coming here get zero health insurance and below minimum wage?

The politicans are asking us to have a "humane" debate and treat them with dignity and respect, yet we are really just opening the flood gates so that millions of Mexicans can come here and get used and abused by businesses.

Aren't we really just letting them come here and become citizens just so we don't have to feel as bad when they go to work everyday in their sweatshops.

Ever notice that the NBA, NCAA, NFL, or MLB never get sued for being a monoply?

About a year ago, the debate in the US was about a "living wage". How quickly we drop that and move onto the exploitation of "guest workers".

This world is sick, man.

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For me, it boils down to ???

by Absolutely In reply to boils down to $$

CG IT: "Windows is successful for that reason. The average Joe can own a computer,install software, surf the net and not have to understand how a computer works to get it to work."

Whether they're nerds or some other category, people are stealing your identity. Why would you be willing to use a computer without understanding how it works?

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Get Real

by rkuhn In reply to For me, it boils down to ...

We all use products everyday that are just as important as a computer in our daily lives and most have no clue how they work.

Aside from just the very basics, I don't have a clue how a microware truly works, I only have a very rudimentary understanding of cars, and do you really think that most accountants know what makes a calculator work?

There are millions of knowledge workers around the globe that use products every day that don't require an understanding of the product itself.

Your question was swallow at best.

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"swallow at best"?

by Absolutely In reply to Get Real

Careful, you kiss apotheon's butt with that mouth!

Microwaves, cars and calculators are not networked, thus cannot help thieves steal your identity.

Your answer was irrelevant, ignored the crucial reason to understand a computer before using it for anything of personal importance, and only reduced my opinion of you.

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can't . . . breathe . . .

by apotheon In reply to "swallow at best"?

"<i>Careful, you kiss apotheon's butt with that mouth!</i>"

I haven't laughed that long, hard, and loud for a long time.

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Computers != Toasters

by jmgarvin In reply to Get Real

The my toaster doesn't store personal information, and neither do any of your examples.

The second people realize that a computer is not a typical appliance, is the second people realize they have to KNOW something about them.

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And that is the exact problem isn't it?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Computers != Toasters

Currently computers are sold as appliances in the white goods section of the hypermarkets and to the general public at least they are in the same department as a toaster so they are treated as such.

The number of times that I've had to rescue an old computer from being thrown out because it's no longer the top model or doesn't play the games that the owner wants is amusing particularly when they have been doing their banking on the same machine and just have no idea of what is on the HDD.

When Windows 95 Hit the streets the knowledge of the end users plummeted to new lows and with each subsequent release of Windows there is less knowledge required to use the things.

One of the best examples that I've run across was here on the TQ&A section where someone was asking for help as they where trying to reload their computer and it keep going to the same screen and formatting the HDD then loading the necessary drivers and on the reboot they kept pressing any key and ended up exactly where they started off and couldn't understand why it wasn't loading XP. :^0

While initially I did get a laugh I then began to wonder just how little that this person actually knew and why they where using a computer in the first place.

When you see people like this around it's hard to understand how they maintain their identity not how they get their identity stolen.

Col ]:)

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I Personally

by rkuhn In reply to And that is the exact pro ...

Think that the more people use computers the better.

Yes, there needs to be a more organized effort at educating them, but that is our job isn't it?

But no, I don't think that end users need to be all that educated. Your opinion is biased by the fact you work in this industry.

An end user needs to know no more than is necessary to get their job done and done securely.

Sure, I'd love to train everyone to a greater depth. But that isn't going to happen.

The best we can hope for is some minimal amount that is enough to get the job done, stay relatively secure, etc.

You've got to remember that a computer is the means to an end and not the end itself.

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Well Abs my mother could use her computer

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to For me, it boils down to ...

IN the DOS days I just set up a 286 which was the latest thing at the time ran DR DOS on it and placed a menu system that loaded when the computer booted up.

She could then pick from Word Processor e-mail or whatever with out a problem but since I've moved her to 98 she can not understand why she has to click on the Start Button to shut the thing down and no longer uses a computer for anything at all I have to go over there and do anything that she wants done now. I'm considering moving her P3 back to DOS and leave her to is as she understands how to work it even if she doesn't have a clue as to how it works or what is what as she constantly calls the Monitor the Computer as it is what she sees everything on so to her at least that is the important part of the entire thing. :^0

But now she is 78 years old I'm not expecting any change and I'm not willing to move her to XP as the change would be too much for her and she doesn't need all the Eye Candy as currently she doesn't even use the computer her two grandchildren from my sister get more use out of it than she ever will.


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