Why Use " Use cached exchange mode" in Outlook 2003

By basharath2 ·
Hi, I am a tech support analyst and frequently get calls regarding outlook issues. One of them is ..when they send emails, they sit in outbox folder and do not go out...To fix this I usually uncheck the "use cached exchange mode" option in Outlook 2003 and connects to the exchange server directly. This would solve the issue but the user is deprived of the advantage to that option. Second is ...when they do not have "use cached exchange mode" option selected, they get a message " Outlook is trying to retrieve the data from exchange server. This is quiet irritating for the users. So what would be the best way to get rid of both the situations Thanks in advance.

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My guess for both issues is that there is a communication issue

by faradhi In reply to Why Use " Use cached exch ...

with the client and the exchange server.

When using cached mode, if the client is not connected to the exchange server, the message will be placed in the Outbox until connectivity is established again. Additionally, the message "Outlook is trying to retrieve the data from exchange server." is consistent with the client having difficulty establishing a connection to the exchange server.

Rather than changing to client to not use cached mode, try hitting F9 to send and receive all. This will make outlook retry connecting to the exchange server.

You can also go to Tools --> Send/Receive --> Send/Receive settings and click Show Progress prior to using F9 to see if there is a problem with Exchange server connectivity.

If this is a transient issue, your network or exchange server may be operating at a load it is unable to effective manage.

I hope this helps.

Please let me know how it turns out.


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Some more points

by basharath2 In reply to My guess for both issues ...

Thanks for the advice.
When outlook is in cached mode and users are unable to send/receive emails we usually guide them to hit f9 or send/receive all but on checking the details we would get an error sending emails...Even multiple attempts to send/receive would fail and thus we suggest them to not to use cached exchange mode. On the other hand, if outlook is not in cached mode they keep getting "outlook is trying to retrieve data from exchange server" message but even here if we do send/receive it would say sending status some x% and I would say it never jumps beyond that. I would be expecting a solution to this please.

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I think you missed the point

by CG IT In reply to Some more points

Cached mode allows users to still compose and send email when there is no connection to the Exchange server. Those sent emails are stored in the outbox until a connection to the exchange server is reestablished.

That's the whole reason for cached mode. If you have dicey connections to the Exchange server or a single Exchange Server that's overloaded, then you should consider clustering or having a frontend/backend setup.

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I would be expecting you to understand the solution given

by faradhi In reply to Some more points

You are having a Communication issue or you have an Overworked Exchange server.

All of the issues you have described suggest that.

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Overworked Exchange server

by Cactus Pete In reply to Why Use " Use cached exch ...

This is usually a case with a server being used FAR beyond the recommended config from MS.

Try to look at performance on the server. Check the drive type and configuration. See if mailboxes are HUGE or if items counts are very high.

Most users never clean up after themselves, when email is concerned. And they tend to abuse the system with streaming files and sending LARGE attachments to everyone.

Also remember that every user on the server affects all the other users, too. One person may experience slowness because of the heavy hitters.

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I do agree

by basharath2 In reply to Overworked Exchange serve ...

As you have told that server might be overloaded, I do agree but what makes them unable to send/receive emails when in cached exchange mode even after they are on the network. Please read my reply "some more points" to help you get some hints to give me solution..
thanks in advance

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Bug inside Outlook

by S.Culliver In reply to Why Use " Use cached exch ...

The replies so far miss one large point.
There is a bug in Outlook that when you view the Outbox the most recent message becomes inactive, and cannot be sent UNLESS the user moves out of the Outbox (eg to the inbox).
THAT is, I open the message (or messages) not getting sent move to a different folder then for each message click send.
The messages always then get correctly sent.

Thus one problem is still the inherently bug-ridden Outlook client, that MS refuses to make conform to the standard set 25 years ago.

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