Why will my fans on my pc kepep on running?

By zitkat2s ·
I had this issue before. The fans keep running, the light are on. I did not notice any burn marks. When I pust the button on the monitor, it said to push any key to turn on out of the powersafe mode. Ithink it may be my power supply. I do here it running as well. This happened before and I did several things and it worked again. The computer was turning on and working only when unplugging it. I am running windows vista.

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Duplicated, for some ~hitherto~ before unseen reason ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Not to mention

As if this has never happened before! :^0

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I, like you

by santeewelding In reply to First, it was a GEL joke ...

Having gelatinized more of my brain cells over the years than is prudent, have thrown my hands up in surrender to problems of the world, and approach instead with the gentlest humor I can manage, given what I have left.

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may gel on the cell

by zitkat2s In reply to First, it was a GEL joke ...

At my age I think some of my brain cells have moved on. :)

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Wear rubber gloves, then it will be no problem..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to DO NOT open the casing of ...

I take my psu's apart and give them a good clean, but like oldermycroft said, be careful here. It can be done but slowly and with gloves on (not plastic ones). As long as you do not touch anything inside the psu you will be fine.

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Rubber Gloves

by OH Smeg In reply to Wear rubber gloves, then ...

Would need to be Electrical Workers Gloves not Dish Washing Gloves as those offer no protection against Electrical Shock.

But provided that you follow a few steps it's safe enough. The first thing to do is unplug the mains lead and then push the On Button on the front of the computer for at least 30 Seconds. This will discharge the Capacitors inside the PSU.

The problem with opening most Dell PSU is that they are not normal, they have more than just screws holding them together and have clips which need to be slid apart/together as you dismantle/reassemble them. It's really much safer to use Canned Air and stick some insulated item into the Fan to prevent it spinning.

As for adding another HDD you may need to slightly increase the size of the Power Supply to prevent it being overloaded.

PSU come in 2 types there is the Constant Feed Rated ones which will produce their rated power 100% of the time and the Peek Value ones which will produce their Rated Power for a short time under Peek Loadings and then have to drop back to a lower power rating to run all of the time.

This is just like Stereo Equipment the cheap no name makers rate their Power Supplies to a higher value than what they really are to get sales. A good power supply is quite heavy and has a lot of Capacitance built in to protect the insides of the case from all of the junk on the Mains.


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I do not wear dishwashing gloves for my dishes

by zitkat2s In reply to Rubber Gloves

I do have a pair of electrical gloves. I did notice there are many screws in the PSU. I also noticed the clips. That is why I did not take it apart. I am glad because, I did not know to wear rubber gloves. I waa going to do that before I posted. I did know to press the power button for 30 seconds after I unplugged. Where is a good place to buy a power supply, a hard drive and a graphic card? Also do I have to add another blue wire to the 2nd hard drive. It was already set up for another hard drive, but does not have the blue wire. All the rest is there.

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I mostly buy online from TigerDirect.

by Ron K. In reply to I do not wear dishwashing ...

Their normal shipping time has been 2-3 days. Their prices are about the same as NewEgg. I've bought online from them too. I've never had issues with either. <br> Amazon is pretty cool. I bought a keyboard from them that was DOA and didn't even have to pay the postage to return it. I'll buy from them again.

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Well I personally only use Antec Power Supplies

by OH Smeg In reply to I do not wear dishwashing ...

But that is because they offer far better protection to the internals of the case which to me is the Important Part of any Computer and the HDD which is the Expensive Part if you need to recover the Data off it.

Antec PS's Web Site is here

With HDD I tend to only use Seagate Drives because of the Warranty on them, and the face that I have very few problems with them other than them getting full too fast of course, but that happens to them all.

As for Graphics Cards that depends on what you actually need/want but particularly with non Intel Chip Sets you may run into Compatibility Issues with some NVidia Cards so you'll need to check your M'Board Specs.

As for the second HDD you don't need to add any wires unless you don't have a Power Plug for the Second Drive. If this has a IDE Drive the IDE Data Lead should have a unused Connector on it that allows you to plug in a second but you first need to set a Jumper on the Drive between the Power Plug and the Data Plug. You should set this to either Slave or Cable Select depending on the Data Lead Type. If you have a 40 Wire Data Lead you need to set the drive to Slave and if it is a 80 Wire Cable you can use either Slave or Cable Select CS.

If this is a SATA Drive you'll most likely need a SATA Data Lead but these are not expensive you should be able to get one with the HDD for less than $10.00 easily. Just try to get one with a clip on it to lock it to the M'Board and HDD as it will be less likely to unplug itself.


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do not plan on touching anything

by zitkat2s In reply to Wear rubber gloves, then ...

I think it may be easier to just buy a new one.

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