Why will my fans on my pc kepep on running?

By zitkat2s ·
I had this issue before. The fans keep running, the light are on. I did not notice any burn marks. When I pust the button on the monitor, it said to push any key to turn on out of the powersafe mode. Ithink it may be my power supply. I do here it running as well. This happened before and I did several things and it worked again. The computer was turning on and working only when unplugging it. I am running windows vista.

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Well with Dell PS's

by OH Smeg In reply to do not plan on touching a ...

There are up to 4 Screws that hold the PS into the case. Generally 3 but the number can range from 2 to 4 or it may have a clip inside the case to hold the PS. If there is a clip inside the case it's a special PS that is a odd size and most likely you'll need to modify the case to mount a Standard PS.

As for pulling a PS Apart once it is out of the case there are again up to 4 Screws that hold the cover onto the main part of the PS one may be under a sticker which need to be pealed back to expose the screw. Once you have the screws out it's just a matter of lifting off the cover, though reassembly can be a bit more tricky as some have catches which help hold them together. There are also generally folds in the Cover which drop in under the base to prevent the sides from moving when the PS is assembled. You can easily **** these out with either Compressed Air, Canned Air or a Vacuum Cleaner set on the **** Side but you need to stop the Fan spinning. It is a DC Motor and if you spin it they generate Electricity which isn't a good thing.

I just stick a small screwdriver into the Fan Opening to stop the blades from spinning but unless you do a lot of Electrical/Electronics work you should use something insulated.


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