Why won't my computer connect wirelessly?

By Please Help Tiffany ·
I have a gateway model mx6920 laptop that I purchased some years back. I have never quite been able to connect wirelessly with it.

Initially, when I would enable my wifi, I would be able to find networks and connect. However, after about fifteen minutes, the connection would drop and no networks would be found. If I restart my computer, it will work again, but also only for fifteen minutes or so again.

Now, it seems as if it won't connect at all. It will find networks, but it won't connect. I've tried connecting to my security enabled router at home (which it says that I am putting in the wrong key) and I've tried connecting to unlocked networks. But it simply won't connect.

I sent my computer in twice to gateway, but they never fixed anything. I couldn't keep going a week without my computer. I have no idea why it won't work, but wifi is what I was really looking forward to in a laptop.

I have windows xp, the media center edition. I don't know much about adapters, networks or network cards. All I know is that I am tired of using a 25 inch ethernet cable to connect my laptop to the internet in my living room.

Any help in guiding me through the process of fixing this problem would be sincerely appreciated.

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by Please Help Tiffany In reply to Device Driver

No, I'm not paying for repairs from gateway, the last time I sent my computer to them was some years ago. I'm sure my warranty is expired by now.

I think I will try the uninstall thing and see if that works, if not, I'm going to just by a wireless adapter, and I do have the PCMIA card slot. So I think that will be the best option for me.


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Try to cool down laptop use heat pad or fan

by naseemj2 In reply to Why won't my computer con ...

I always delete old connections from network list and then try to turn off wireless button, in Toshiba it is at right side of laptop and some laptops has on top wireless on/off button, and change the location of laptop sometime other devices interrupt single as well. Just restart and connect to available connection, if still does not connect then reset your router.
There could be many possibilities, it seems your laptop goes heated, and some Processors are build in wireless function, try to use cooling pad as well under your laptop.
From sam

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why wont your computer connect wirelessly

by gill.sam40 In reply to Why won't my computer con ...

Hi have you got a broadcom or wireless a wireless lan adapter if you do make sure its plugged in and the driver for it is functional

hope I have been of help to you

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Zombie Alert!!!

by Mehul Bhai In reply to why wont your computer co ...

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