Why won't my web pages finish loading?

By Hdrs ·
I'm wondering if anyone can help me diagnose a peculiar problem that has been occurring with my web browser lately.

Occasionally when I open my browser (IE7) some of my home pages will not load completely. The blue circle in each tab spins continuously indicating that the page is still loading, but some of them never stop. When I switch to the tab to see what is going on I see that the phishing filter is checking the website and the status in the lower left corner reads 'waiting for (site)'.

Sometimes if I refresh the site two or three times the page will finally load. However, if I'm on a page that periodically refreshes itself (Yahoo mail, CNN, etc.) the problem almost always reoccurs. I tried opening the same pages in Firefox to see if maybe it was a problem with IE7, but the same thing happens.

I began noticing this problem about a week ago and I can't help but wonder if it might somehow be related to the most recent round of Patch Tuesday 'fixes'....

I've tried scanning for malware using Spybot, AdAware, and Windows Defender. Nothing unusual found there. I've also tried clearing my browser cache and run CCleaner. No luck there either.

Any suggestions???

Thanks in advance.

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My first suggestion

by jmgarvin In reply to Why won't my web pages fi ...

Would be to try Firefox and see if the same issue occurs.

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Already tried that

by Hdrs In reply to My first suggestion

Thanks for the suggestion. However, that was the first thing I tried when I noticed the problem and Firefox displays the same behavior. The page loading indicator in the upper right hand corner of Firefox just spins continuously and never seems to finish loading the page completely.

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I had that sort of problem a couple of times...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Why won't my web pages fi ...

with 2 distinctly different solutions.

The first was when my cable modem began shooting craps. So I would unplug the modem for a minute or 2, then plug back in, fire up the PC and be back online with no problems. It began happening more and more frequently so I replaced the modem. Problem solved.

The 2nd round of that sort of behavior was when my router started shooting craps. Temporary fix was the same, unplug it for a bit, plug it back in and go surfing. Then it began happening more frequently and my PC's began having problems communicating with each other. Replaced the router, fixed the problem.

Might be one of these 2 things.

edit: rephrase title

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Tried that too...

by Hdrs In reply to I had that sort of proble ...

I've also tried resetting my router and the results were similar to what you describe. I'm wondering if the fact that I live in an area with lots of other wireless routers might be having an effect on my connectivity.

I'm currently using WEP and have been considering switching to WPA.

Any thoughts??

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That may be it...I don't know

by jmgarvin In reply to Tried that too...

It seems like this is a bigger problem if it affects both browsers. Have you tried setting your router back to factory default? How do things work then?

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