Wifi Issue

By ionjoc ·

I need help with my pc not finding my wifi network even though it has had no problems in the past. Also that other devices like my phone can connect to the wifi no problem.

Ok, my pc is relatively new, about 8 months old and is windows 10. For the first let’s say 5 months, it was working fine, no issues. However, in the past 3 months, about 3 times my pc will just randomly disconnect from the wifi and not be able to find the network. Only after a couple of hours trying the basics like resetting the modem, will the issue resolve itself randomly. However recently, the same problem has presented itself however has lasted 2 days with no signs of it being fixed. Before this happened, about 2 days ago my pc was working perfectly fine and had no issues, however after booting my computer up, it just disconnected and won’t find the network. It will however find other networks, I assume the neighbours. No hardware changes have occurred and I can’t remember if there was a windows update. Another thing that doesn’t make sense is last night my pc could not connect to my iPhone hotspot, however just before it did and I used it for a bit before it disconnected and now doesn’t find even my hotspot. Also, after resetting my modem several times, sometimes my pc will find the network and when I connect to it, it will bring up a webpage and asks for a password, (never done this in the past), however after 20 seconds, and after loading like one webpage, it will disconnect and won’t be able to find the network again. Seems hit or miss.
Also I have fully updated drivers, I’ve checked multiple times.

Need help knowing what I can try. Should I reset windows? Or replace the pci adaptor? Or what else?

Any help is appreciated.

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Given the story.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Wifi Issue

One last test. Does the phone connect to the WiFi in question?

As it stands I would send our tech out with the usual spare USB WiFi dongle to test. Sure the tech will still have to test with his laptop and phone as well as make sure the distance is 20 feet or less during testing.

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Re: WiFi

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Wifi Issue

Well, it can be four things:
(1) hardware in your PC
(2) software or settings in Windows
(3) hardware in your WiFi-router
(4) settings in your WiFi-router

First try with another PC, then with another router. Changing both most likely works fine, changing one should be sufficient to get it working.

It might turn out it's the WiFi-card in your PC. Then replace that. At 8 month old, that's free inside a 1 year warranty.

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