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Wiki, SharePoint, none, or other?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
What type of intranet collaboration platform do you use in your company? Wiki? SharePoint? Both? Neither? Something else?

There seems to be growing competition between Wiki and SharePoint, but at the same time, the use of both of them as internal collaboration tools seems to be growing.

If you are using these tools, how have they helped your company?

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We're starting to use SharePoint

by denhawkeye In reply to Wiki, SharePoint, none, o ...

We're starting with SharePoint as we want to use it with Infopath to move to a paperless environment for administrative reporting. I am having some trouble in getting other users access to an Infopath form I've posted to a shared workspace in SharePoint. I went to one of the MS sponsored classes and did not gain the knowlegde I was seeking to implement better. Overall I feel SharePoint has great promise but have honestly never tried the wiki version.

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SP + IP = Winnar

by durocshark In reply to We're starting to use Sha ...

I moved many paper forms for a data center operations team to SharePoint and InfoPath. Easy to use, easy to modify, I was very happy with it. So was the management team.

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Sharepoint vs Wiki solution

by moosephat In reply to Wiki, SharePoint, none, o ...

So... what criteria has anyone used when deciding use a Wiki or Sharepoint? I know and use wiki myself, but our organization uses Sharepoint. I have yet to find anyone in our organization that uses the Sharepoint site itself. To me it seems a pain to navigate and I have yet to discover what great functionality there is. Also I'm having to consider that the majority of the users are non-technical.

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by sbaize In reply to Wiki, SharePoint, none, o ...

I've been using SharePoint for a couple of years now. Some of the benefits that I see is that each department can have their own site that they manage the content and are responsible for tracking their documentation. As well, a well designed project site will help the TPC to manage the issues and resources of their project.

I've been playing with MOSS and SPS 3.0 and I see a more robust way of creating a collaborative solution. I really like the fact that I can feed off of AD to create My Sites where the user is able to view only the information that is important to them.

I could go on and on:)

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Are there any experiences with SharePoint 2010 based KM projects?

by fdaske In reply to Wiki, SharePoint, none, o ...

Knowledge Management and Social Networking are unleashed, for real this time, with the upcoming new version of Microsoft SharePoint 2010. SharePoint 2010 now fills the big gaps in 2007, with managed taxonomies and folksonomies, expertise finding, content rating, and commenting.

Are there already any experiences in the community with SharePoint 2010 based Knowledge Management projects?

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