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Wikileaks and DDoS attacks - some thoughts

By Deadly Ernest ·
I was just reading a CNET article about Wikileaks and it mentions some recent DDoS attacks against Wikileaks. This got me thinking.

Most DDoS attacks are organised by bad guys to cause trouble for companies for financial gain or by hackers who are picking on particular companies that upset them. The only people Wikileaks have upset lately are certain US government bureaucrats and politicians due to them making available documents leaked to them from within the US bureaucracy. It seems the US government can't stop their people doing the leaking, hmm a good story back there somewhere, so they're trying to stop them being made public by a non US citizen on a non US web site.

Now, all of a sudden, Wikileaks is being hit with DDoS attacks. It does make me wonder who is organising them as Wikileaks is NOT the sort of organisation the usual organisers of DDoS attacks will hit. The circumstances makes me wonder if this is a black CIA operation or something similar organised by a US government Agency. If that is so, it then raises the question of this being the first one they've done, or not.

I don't know any answers to these issues, but sure would like to know.

On a related issue, I do find it interesting that certain people in the US power structure aren't upset about the dirty linen these cables represent, but are upset that their dirty linen is being made public. In short, doing bad things is OK as long as they don't get caught and they seek to punish those who publicise the nasty work and not those who did the dirty deeds.

What are your thoughts?

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"A DDOS attack is ... amateurish, and only partly effective."

by CharlieSpencer In reply to The hacktivist 'Jester' ...

Which also describe the DDOS attacks on Mastercard, Visa, and Paypal by the so-called 'anonymous' activists in response to those firms no longer accepting transactions for Wikileaks contributions.

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DDOS can't be traced

by AnsuGisalas In reply to The hacktivist 'Jester' ...

Botnet sends forged packages to other machines that "returns" them to the target machine.
You'd have to crack open the bots to have a way to find the perpetrator.

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It's not easy, and it's a waste of time

by robo_dev In reply to DDOS can't be traced

but ultimately, the bots have an IRC command-and-control channel that can be tracked down.

Steve Gibson was the victim of a DDOS and he basically hacked into it and stopped it.

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egotistical bas_ard

by AnsuGisalas In reply to The hacktivist 'Jester' ...

in short "journalist".

They get that syndrome, and then can't help themselves.

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I think Julian Assange stepped over the line

by AV . In reply to Wikileaks and DDoS attack ...

He is nothing but an opportunist looking to profit or make a name for himself, regardless of the cost. The cost, in this case, are human lives.

Every government engages in covert operations and they all depend on intelligence. I don't think the world needs to know every detail. Maybe if a coverup was involved it would be a valid cause, but otherwise, there needs to be diplomatic conversations between countries that should be kept private.

I wouldn't want to be Julian Assange. He has burned a lot of very powerful people, and not just in the US. He deserves whatever he gets and I hope the insider from the US who gave him all of the files spends the rest of his life in prison.


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The only trouble here is that he's the Scape Goat

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I think Julian Assange st ...

For these people. I have yet to hear any complaints against the Main Stream Media who is running with this story and why also have copies of the papers involved.

Wikileaks is supposed to be a Media Based organization which I'm not overly sure about to begin with but none the less they most defiantly get most of their Income from the Traditional New Media who not only buy into what Wikileaks gets but as part of the deal are handed this information before Wikileaks makes it public on their Web Site.

While this guy is most defiantly getting the credit from much of the Worlds Political Movement for doing this I find it funny that no complaints are being leveled against any of the other Media who are not only reporting this but have paid for the privilege to have the papers to begin with.

Personally if I was this guy I would have just shut my mouth and said nothing but the one certainty is when the Media gets things like this they are Most Defiantly going to use it as it suits their ends. Wikileaks on the other hand releases it all and doesn't pass comment unlike the rest of the media. Personally to me those who are not getting any comment are the worst offenders in the current foray.


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As I follow this

by santeewelding In reply to The only trouble here is ...

I am in sympathy with you, Colin. I believe I read something by your Prime Minister lately somewhat along the same lines.

And, as to what Nick said, I would ask, Is there a desireable way to do it?


Curiouser and curiouser:

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So it seems to me

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to As I follow this

That fear is always a good thing and the threat of reading Wikileaks is just that.

Good thing that i can't be bothered reading that rubbish as to me most of what has been reported here is nothing more than Gossip, which I'm not really interested in. Shock Horror they have a name for Foreign Leaders, They don't always say nice things about the people that they are dealing with. What's the bet that when that particular piece was written the person in question didn't do as they where asked?

Now I wonder if I was to admit to reading Wikileaks if it would do any thing to my existing Security Classification. I very much doubt it but I suppose I can hope.

Hi Y'All I'm a avid Wikileaks reader please don't approach me to do any more Secure Work as I may be susceptible to Laughing in your Face. :^0

Actually I think my comments about the New Sport that I'm pushing of Hunting and Mounting a Polly a Day till they are all Extinct would do more damage to me but those that matter just laugh or ask where they sign up. :_|

Actually if the Idiot who runs that Site is guilt of anything doesn't that make people like Rupert Murdock guilty too?

OH but he's Fox so he can do no wrong. :^0

Here from my understand Wikileaks publish it all and it's the Main Stream Media who are Cheery Picking what they want to push so maybe reading the NY Times or watching Fox News will have the same effect.


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Only a tolerable way

by NickNielsen In reply to As I follow this

I much prefer the classic "anonymous sources".

I have a feeling Wikileaks is a means to an end. As it's only a feeling, I've not dedicated much thought to determining what that end might be.

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I second that emotion (NT)

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Only a tolerable way

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