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Wikileaks and DDoS attacks - some thoughts

By Deadly Ernest ·
I was just reading a CNET article about Wikileaks and it mentions some recent DDoS attacks against Wikileaks. This got me thinking.

Most DDoS attacks are organised by bad guys to cause trouble for companies for financial gain or by hackers who are picking on particular companies that upset them. The only people Wikileaks have upset lately are certain US government bureaucrats and politicians due to them making available documents leaked to them from within the US bureaucracy. It seems the US government can't stop their people doing the leaking, hmm a good story back there somewhere, so they're trying to stop them being made public by a non US citizen on a non US web site.

Now, all of a sudden, Wikileaks is being hit with DDoS attacks. It does make me wonder who is organising them as Wikileaks is NOT the sort of organisation the usual organisers of DDoS attacks will hit. The circumstances makes me wonder if this is a black CIA operation or something similar organised by a US government Agency. If that is so, it then raises the question of this being the first one they've done, or not.

I don't know any answers to these issues, but sure would like to know.

On a related issue, I do find it interesting that certain people in the US power structure aren't upset about the dirty linen these cables represent, but are upset that their dirty linen is being made public. In short, doing bad things is OK as long as they don't get caught and they seek to punish those who publicise the nasty work and not those who did the dirty deeds.

What are your thoughts?

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Not in evidence.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to I think Julian Assange st ...

Silence can cost lives too.
And Assange is just the face. Being a target is his job. The network is there to make sure people can get something out, even against all odds.
They can't very well filter, except for untruth.

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Single reply to a couple of comments with a small expansion

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Wikileaks and DDoS attack ...

1. The correspondence that Wikileaks is making public has been sent to them by someone within the US Government system for their won reasons. Wikileaks are just making them public. The person commiting any crimes here is the person or persons sending the material to Wikileaks, not Wikileaks.

2. What's upsetting the US government bods is that the material is making public their dirty tricks and bad behaviour, not their good or proper diplomatic behaviour. in short, the spotlight is on what they're doing naughty.

Valid diplomatic mail is about fair and proper discussions and negotiations, not how to do the dirty on someone else during diplomatic negotiations, not on how to coerce them or bribe them, which is the parts in the exposed material that's upsetting US officials.

3. If what Wikileaks is doing is so bad, then every US media that has done the same thing with any other papers from any other government should be dealt with in the same way. Yet the US government helps the US media publicise leaked material from other governments. Which makes them hypocrites.

4. If leaking the info about the dirty tricks with the gunner is good, then leaking the info about the dirty tricks of the diplomats is good as well. You can't say it's only good to leak what you want to be leaked. Either it should all be transparent or none of it should be leaked.

I will agree that leaking battle plans prior to a battle would be wrong as it may cost lives, but leaking diplomatic dirty tricks after the event is not the same thing as it shows what liars those supposed honest diplomats are. If they can't negotiate in good faith, then they deserve to be exposed. The US politicians don't like it as it shows them all for what liars they are.

It is interesting that some people are saying his leaking the information is irresponsible behaviour but aren't saying the dirty tricks by the diplomats is wrong. Exposure of wrong behaviour by government officials - elected or appointed - is about the only way they will be made to clean up their acts.

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NO DE you are wrong

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Single reply to a couple ...

Leaking or Investigating Watergate was Treason and those involved should be tried in Secret and then shot when they convict themselves by their own mouths.

No difference here either the public has a right to know or they don't but in this case the far bigger problem is that someone stole this data to begin with. The fact that they managed to do this with such large amounts of Data means that they where either very high up, there where several of them or there has been a Major Security Failure by those tasked with Securing the Nation.

I know what I'm more scared of and it's not the first two options.


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Which is one of the main issues I see in this

by Deadly Ernest In reply to NO DE you are wrong

1. Who got the documents and got them out is the one at fault.

2. How bad is the security to let this happen?

3. Why is it seen as OK when it hurts anyone but senior US political players, but bad when it does? It should be the same for all.

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Col and Ernest - UPDATED:Pentagon to block drives

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Which is one of the main ...

The diplomatic cables were leaked by a US Army private. He had access to the files from his work computer and would download the data to DVDs labeled as music.

In the wake of Sept. 11th, changes were made to US intelligence policies. The idea was to eliminate the inter-agency blocks that prevented analysts from seeing all the pieces of the puzzle. We've gone too far and relaxed one of the basic rules: it doesn't matter what your clearance level is if you don't need to know.

This kid (arrested, charges pending) wasn't high up or a bigwig; he just had access to information he shouldn't have. Someone dropped the ball on controlling who had access. Someone else dropped it on locking down computers with that could access that data so they couldn't save locally.

UPDATED - Speaking of not locking down computers...

Say, Major, isn't that your horse leaving the barn?

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yepo, the leaker should be the one they go after - next in line

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Col and Ernest - UPDATED: ...

are those that made the system such that the person could have access to such information without the proper reasons.

BUT, they should also be taking action against those who are shown to behaving in an inappropriate manner in their dealings with other nations. yet, it's these people and their replacements who are screaming the loudest about their actions being made public. To them, and the senior US politicians, the crime is not that they behaved badly, but that their bad behaviour is now public. And that is wrong.

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I've been a bit busy today so apologies for thew delayed response

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Col and Ernest - UPDATED: ...

This is what the Official Story appears to be a Nobody is responsible for leaking these documents.

But I have to ask Why/How was he allowed to gain access to this type of thing.

It's a MAJOR failure in security.

I know when I was working for Certain Organizations I wasn't allowed to take any Recordable Media off Base. I could take whatever I liked onto the base but was refused permission to leave with it. While there was some Official Data that left the Base it had to go through channels and I was never allowed to remove it myself. Though on several occasions I did accompany the person carrying it to give Opinions on the contents of the Data removed from the base.

To me the scary thing is that someone like the person accused was allowed access to begin with and was basically allowed free reign to do as they pleased.

That is what scares me as it shows a Complete Lack of Understanding of even the most basic Security Procedures and the people responsible should be raked over the coals for their stupidity.

Perhaps even Treason for allowing this to happen to begin with. Some Idiot Kid if that was what really happened should never have been allowed to have access to things like this let alone be in a position to remove them or even have access to a Live Net Link to send them off base.

If the People Responsible for this mess are still in charge they need to be removed from that position and the rules rewritten.

While the current crap is just that, just imagine if some real Sensitive Information had of been released. It just doesn't bear thinking about.

Of course if this was something intentional which has since been denied well that's a completely different story.


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Good point, that last

by santeewelding In reply to I've been a bit busy toda ...

In deception, I can't trust who says what about anything.

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What if....

by Saurondor In reply to I've been a bit busy toda ...

Some real <b>Sensitive Inforation</b> was leaked?

I mean what if 250,000 docs is just the tip of the iceberg. What if 1,000,000 docs were leaked and just 250,000 published on Wikileaks for "validation purposes by the US Government". Which the Government has been so kind to actually validate by its actions to stop Wikileaks.

What if this is not the act of a sole perpetrator, but rather an organization selling this info. What better way to validate the veracity of it than to publish part of it (the less juicy part) on Wikileaks and wait for a response. And a response they got. Now it's time to sell the rest.

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I'm amazed that they allowed disks in the first place.

by robo_dev In reply to Col and Ernest - UPDATED: ...

Closing the door after every animal on the planet has left the barn....

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