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Will Iraq ever achieve stability ...

By jardinier ·
without the permanent presence of a large number of occupying troops, presumably mostly from the US?

Please note. As promised earlier, I will not make any adverse comments on the leaders of any nations until such time as they make some new move or policy which invites comment.

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Regarding the 3 mutually hostile people

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Needed to win: commitmen ...

I would say you where putting that one mildly as a more general response would have been something about "Hating each others Guts and taking every opportunity to kill each other off!" The only thing that was preventing them previously was their mutual Hatred for the previous ruler now that has been removed they just have to revert to form.


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Saddam's techniques

by DelbertPGH In reply to Regarding the 3 mutually ...

I think it was not hatred of Saddam that kept the factions from killing each other. I think it was being too scared of the boss to worry about your rivals.

I've wondered if it takes a Saddam to run Iraq. I wonder if the country is just so fractious that only rule by terror will hold it together.

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It seems to be that way in that part of the world

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Saddam's techniques

Even Turkey has its own problems with the Kurds living within its borders wanting their own homeland.

India was a prime example of breaking up a country along religious lines and that didn't work out all that well either.

I really wish I had a better answer but currently Saddam ways seems like the best available in Iraq. With him in power there was never the problem of outsiders coming in causing problems like there is today. Even the most Radical Religious people kept a very low profile.

The current administration I think is doomed to fail because anyone who is willing to take on power lives under the constant threat of having members of their family kidnapped and killed unless they do as they are instructed and that is no way to run a country constantly giving into the faction that has the loudest mouthpiece. Even if that was accepted there would be other factions who would do the same thing for different results.


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So do I Del.....

by Packet Spoofer In reply to Needed to win: commitmen ...
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The same has been said before

by ippirate In reply to Will Iraq ever achieve st ...

In such places as most of mainland Europe through history and post-cold war Russia. You can also include Japan, China, South Africa, as well as a lot of Central and South America. Some are better examples than others and some have gone a lot farther down the path of stability than others but all have stabilized (sometimes in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds/internal opposition) or are in the latter processes.

Is Iraq going to be different? I think yes, in it's own right, it is one of several nations in a region known the world over for being unstable to begin with.

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