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Will replacing Win98 with Win2K help?

By kush ·
Hello everybody
I really need urgent help on this one. My client has 5 PC networked through a SoHo Basic 10 BaseT hub, with Cat5 cable (about 5m each length). They are using Win98 on all machines, including the 'server' (a PIII 700MHz 128Mb RAM 10 Gig HDD with more than 7 Gig free). They are mainly using Pastel Ver 6 and Excel 2000.

The problem is that when more than one client tries to access the shared Pastel or Excel files on the server the process slows down terribly. When all four areconnected, it becomes real ****.

I had suggested that we replace the Win98 on the 'server' with Win NT 4 or Win2K Server (especially Win2K, since it recognises Fat32). Will this help? I would like to hear your advice before I proceed. Please help.


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Server Class/Different Classses

by admin In reply to Server Class/Different Cl ...

Ok... I know you're a hard *** and I respect that, but don't you think that there are also 3 classes of business: Large, Medium and Small roughly? While in a perfect world (or even a future non-perfect one) we may all have to use server class equipment (wouldn't it be nice if we were forced to budget like that to operate a business?) when most businesses start they are small and barely cobbling together a little 2-3 box peer to peer with little or no money. As they move through the wonderful journey of IT they get to where you are (hopefully), but along the way they are going to chose what works and even a dual processor celeron box, if constructed with some forethought, would probably suffice now and into the near future for a 5 station workgroup with w2k on the server as a step up from what the guy has now, wouldn't you think?


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I tell my clients this

by LordInfidel In reply to Server Class/Different Cl ...

They have a decision to make, how valuable is their data and what does it mean to them.

Then we need to decide what their spending limit realistically is. Not what they want it to be, but what they can spend.

Yes, I may be a hard ***, but I also have a unique understanding of the many things that can and will go wrong. Especially if I am consulting for someone, the last thing I want to do is have to continue to correct issues and not get paid for them. I would much rather collect my monthly service fee and not have to do anything.

I have a client now that is a small business (which I disagree with the 3 classes of business' model, I think it should be based on cash flow and #of systems, and not soley on employees)

Anyways, they only have a couple of people. Originally I was going to build them a server on top of a workstation class system. But that changed once we found out that a enterprise app that they want to run needs terminal services and the app is processor heavy. Then I opted for a server class system to support that. They were not happpy that they had to fork out 3500 for a new server, but again, how valuable is your data?

As far as celerons, I really dislike celerons. They are still flaky as ****, and I just don't feel that they have a place in a server or workstation system. Athlons and PIII's are relatively inexpensive.

Why put a chevvette engine in when just for a couple of bucks more you can have a mustang?

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by admin In reply to I tell my clients this

ok... I get you now. Originally I thought you may have been saying that every business needs a Proliant or better. I was wrong and thank you for helping me see that. I'm not a fan of celerons either (since the 300A) :)

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Dear Lord....

by lelerew In reply to I tell my clients this

LordInfidel, I was with you 100% until you extoled Mustang as virtuous.

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by LordInfidel In reply to I tell my clients this

I am a hardcore mustang man.

I'm on my second one now. (Gave up my 98 for a 2002) Black Rouch Stage3 GT, extremely fast.

The only thing I have against mustangs is that they allowed them to be made in automatic. Totally pointless and allows idiots to own them.

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How much does down time cost?

by draco vulgaris In reply to Server Class/Different Cl ...

Small, medium, or large business is not the key here! What really matters is what server down time is going to cost you. In the case under discussion, failure of the server is going to put five people out of work. Even the poor performance of theexisting server is probably making those five people less productive than they could be.

I'd say that the potential cost justifies the expenditure of $2 or $3K on an industrial strength piece of hardware. Servers, as well as businesses, come in small, medium or large; you'd spend far more on a server meant to support 50 users.

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Time and Effort for something :)

by admin In reply to

I get:

1. a view of what my peers would do in this situation, which to me is valuable.

2. a sense of community. I know we talked about this before, but this discussion specifically seems kind of like the computer equivalent of hunters around acampfire and I like that :)

3. entertainment. there are some pretty entertaining characters in this thread :> and I enjoy reading it.

so to me it's not a complete waste of time, although some of these are. Sometimes if I'm down at the computershop we talk an extra five minutes about all the different ways and approaces we would take to solving a problem that one of us has usually solved already but it's fun to hear about how incredibly difficult it was to troubleshoot, or how silly the problem was or how some key piece was overlooked -but we've all done that. It's kinda the stories that hunters tell. One guy comes to the fire, says he spotted the herd of elk at some ridge and then leaves. The other hunters left are still going to talk into the night about which way they headed, rather he really saw them or not and where they think they are now. That's kind of how I see the value of this. People should be more courteous and come back and check etc. but if they don't all is not lost. We still benefit in my view. Now then though.... about those rascals that come and post their test questions! AyEEEEEE! :)

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Sure, you're right.

by tbragsda In reply to Time and Effort for somet ...

It is for some good. People learned and shared. I dont like to be the angry one all the time. Realy, I'm very positive.

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by mrafrohead In reply to Sure, you're right.

Here's an idear...

Maybe just build a new server. And the costs that you save in that, you can buy your new os to run on the server. That would possibly equal out to a prefab machine's cost... Just make sure that you're using quality hardware that has all of those handy dandy self diagnostic features built into it and you'd probably be doing real well:)


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Will replacing Win98 with Win2K help?

by philippehall In reply to Will replacing Win98 with ...


Adding more Ram will help a lot. Try this before making your client spend a lot of money to buy Win2k Server.

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