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Will Sony's PS3 Suffer?

By MattIT ·
With all the news surrounding Sony's debacle, what kind of impact will this have on its PS3 sales?

Already, they're late on release and XBox360 is taking the Thanksgiving/Xmas sales. Will this be a crippling **** to the PS3 release due to fears that Sony is up to some funny business with their product?

Personally I can't help but be paranoid as to what Sony's agenda is. I never expected their current situation, who's to say what might catch me off guard with regards to its latest and greatest PS3?

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Nothing at all...

by jkaras In reply to Will Sony's PS3 Suffer?

I repeat nothing at all will hinder their sales or success. The PLaystation has and always be a superior gaming console to the XBOX. When it comes out the XBOX sales will drop.

Why? Because Sony incorporates backward compatabilty for older games from the previous version, XBOX doesnt. XBOX is dishing out two versions of the 360 pending how much money the consumer is willing to spend. The difference between the two are a hdd and other enhancement do-dads. WHat does this mean? The games will have to run on the processors, not the hdd. They are supposed to have three processors, yet only one will drive the system. Can you say rush to make sales, not quality? The games will run on the lowest common denominator, the processor, not like a computer. This will cause a pretty looking game with horrible gameplay waiting for boards to load etc...

After seeing the failure that the 360 will create Sony will take their time to perfect all of its components. They will utilize all of the power to create not only a realistic looking game but a system that will run them smoothly.

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by MattIT In reply to Nothing at all...

I agree that the PS3 will be an excellently made machine, the PSP is a good example of Sony's commitment to quality.

What I'm asking though is, Will Sony's problems with the whole rootkits fiasco be a cause in selling less PS3s? Will paranoia and degraded mindsets of potential buyers be changed by this bad press and cause them to NOT buy the PS3 when sans rootkit, they would have bought the day it came out?

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Still no

by jkaras In reply to

The rootkit issue doesnt apply to a game console since it cant corrupt their computer. The bad press will force Sony to lower their cost to help cushion any sales low, point for the consumer. Sony's fan base when it comes to their system is just about bar none. People are waiting for it to come out in anticipation of creating a better console than any other manufacturer. Truth is they have been and always be the defacto standard that all companies struggle to meet. Sales will flourish while the XBOX's diminish.

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How reliable is Sony ??? Betamax etc?

by JohnOfStony In reply to Will Sony's PS3 Suffer?

I am very wary of buying any Sony product that is based on exclusive Sony technology, having been bitten twice, first by Betamax, superior to VHS yet Sony let it die. Second was Minidisc, a superb highly compact portable music system with low cost media and now with HiMD, CD quality sound capability but you can't buy HiMD in anything other than a Walkman - and try buying the blank 1GB discs! And does anyone remember the Elcassette? - a cassette containing quarter-inch tape running at 3.75 inches per second giving vastly better quality than the compact cassette. And why did Sony have to bring out the "Memory stick"? What was wrong with SD or Compact Flash? No - I'll stick to standard non-Sony-specials from now on! I'd also like to know why Olympus/Fuji conspired to bring out yet another memory card, the XD. It's only slightly smaller than the SD yet doesn't have as high a capacity - try buying a 1GB XD card!

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Sony is not late - quality is the key

by droll In reply to Will Sony's PS3 Suffer?

As a former IT Director at Sony Music, I can tell you quite confidently that the timing of the introductions is not an accident, and that the PS3 will **** the doors off of the Xbox 360. The new Cell chip will, quite possibly, create a revolution in the PC industry. The line between gaming, PC, and media content delivery will blur even more than today. Sony is planning to capture the home environment and the Playstation is the Trojan Horse.

btw - the rootkit software was a harebrained idea from the out of touch creative side that was unchecked by the tech folks at Sony/BMG.

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Harebrained???? Understatement of the century ........

by b.brodie In reply to Sony is not late - qualit ...

The fact that there was no "checking" by the "tech folks" is even more cause for concern than the fact that the "creative side" came up with such a "harebrained" idea?
A company the size of SONY would hopefully think through any drastic moves that they are looking to go live with.
I would say that the whole rootkit saga would constitute "drastic." Whilst I can understand their motives, I think the way in which they went about ensure their DRM is less than desirable.

Effectively, a major corporation is trying to hack me, or at least, aiding other hackers in hack me.

Of course this is not a problem for me, as I do not purchase SONY CD's anymore.
If there is an artist who falls under the SONY label, who has released an album that I would like to purchase, well then to safe guard my computer (and therefore my personal privacy) it looks as though I am driven to trawl through the P2P world, and get what I need.

Reply: But P2P comes with spyware!!

Answer: Yes some do, but at least you know what you get, and it?s a synch to remove.

As for the PS3, you use the "Trojan horse" example, how apt!!!!
If they are trying to use the device to "capture" the home environment, including media content delivery, why would they not use the same drastic steps to ensure there DRM on the PS3?

Most of these tings will be online, let?s face it, so does that mean SONY would be getting streaming updates of the music that I listen to?

As well as DRM, this could help them build marketing information which is very valuable.

I (like most people here) work in the IT industry, and I loose respect for a company that has the audacity to go live with such a "harebrained" idea.

No one will ever get off their @$$ and launch a class action law suit, and even the local government suits that are rumoured will be settled out of court, so OSNY get away with it.

Fight fire with fire, has always been the best proven strategy, if people don?t buy their CD's, but rather choose to go down the P2P route (which no one really wants to do) then I can rest assured that when my favourite artists move to another label, I can continue to support them, rather than funding the "out of touch creatives? that SONY choose to employ.

BTW, did any of these guys get retrenched for their fabulous bit of software?

Well, thats my rant.
I will let everyone make up their own mind on what they will choose to do when it comes to SONY, but I just torched a VAIO :)

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Don't buy XBOX 360!!!

by meteora_6x In reply to Will Sony's PS3 Suffer?

That's on the news. So y'all know there are some serious problem, not just rumors. My friend bought the 360 and we saw the problem when they're running. It's turn hot inside, and freezing while you play. They also crashed the CD, i think because this is the first time Xbox let the console stand up like PS2, so they might have some technique problem. That's my opinion, and i think they should take more time before release their product. Stop racing with PS3, because like you see, PS3 made a smart move, we thought they will suffer by the delay but in the end, we realized that their key was quality. I don't think PS3 will suffer at all, and they will sell more console than XBOX 360 for sure. PS3 will be the best console ever since you heard another member here talk about their new Chip. I'll wait for the PS3, and continue go to friend house and play with him on the XBOX 360 hahaha.

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by eminemwannabe313 In reply to Don't buy XBOX 360!!!

yeah but the halo 3 is on the 360 only so i tihnk the 360 will sell more just because of that alone

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No SONY for me

by Too Old For IT In reply to Will Sony's PS3 Suffer?

Sorry. No PS3.

No Vaio either. I used to have a high school client that used one, and it was always a pain to restore from the SONY restore disks. Never did understand what was so fabulous about giving up half the HD for a restore image.

No More Sony CD's either. No BMG CD Club. Walked right past some on-sale Sony-branded CD-R's at the store for some kHypermedia blanks.

You get the picture.

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Thank you for your comment!

by meteora_6x In reply to No SONY for me

I didn't make any point on Sony products. But I think you must try PS3 first, then make a statement. Thank you to your comment anyway, we just all share our opinion, and that's all good.

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