Win 2000 server - CTRL ALT DEL doesnt work at LOGON

Win 2000 server - I have a problem when the server reboots the mouse works fine but the keyoard will not let me CTRL/ALT/DELETE to log on to the server any ideas or helpful hints as to the problem ??? thx

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Try the F8

by IC-IT In reply to MS updates!!

I am wondering if someone may have denied logon locally. Then the only way in would be the RDP.

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by Grey Hat Geek In reply to Try the F8

I believe he is not going to be able to try the F8 option due to the keyboard not working......kinda hard to hit it when the keyboard will not work at the local machine. That is why I told him to try the RDP session from another machine so he could use the remote keyboard. If he has Dameware remote control he could try and use that, it has a Ctrl+ALT+DEL option on the remote end.

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