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WIN7 Mysteries

1. Why is there a copy of "desktop.ini in the burn to disk directory every time I open it by placing a blank disk in the burner?
2. Why does the system crash every time I try to open Outlook after using Firefox, or of Firefox is still open?
3. Why does a sub-dir folder, when clicked on in the left hand listing of Windows Explorer, drop to the Bottom of the list, instead of rising to the top (Don't they want me to be able to READ it?)
4. Why were file folder commands hidden from the toolbar? (biggest mystery: new folder)
5. Why am I locked out of my own files even though I am the administrator? (Examples: \Users\Administrators [my personal favorite mystery...], Users\{computer's name} folder, C:\$Recycle.Bin, folders with 24 alpha-numeric characters for a name, \MSOcache, and on and on.

There's a lot more but let's start with these five.

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Okay, I'll take a shot at it.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to WIN7 Mysteries

1. Try deleting the desktop.ini file and see if it stops reappearing.

2. That may be an Outlook or FF problem, not W7.

3. Sorry, no help here. But I believe V, XP and 2K did the same thing; this isn't new with 7.

4. Exactly which commands are you looking for? I see 'New Folder' on my menu, at the end of 'Organize', 'Include', 'Share', 'Burn'. MS apparently thought more people were interested in these than the menu options they previously offered. But go to 'Organize', 'Layout', and check 'Menu Bar'; see if that does what you want.

5. Because MS doesn't want you in there any more. In most cases it's because they've retained these older folder names for backwards capability only , but have replaced them with new ones. Check MS's web site for 'What's new in W7'.

Now for my mystery: did you upgrade to W7 or is this a new installation? If you upgraded, why? What did you expect to gain? Did you expect everything to be exactly the same in 7 as XP?

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0 for 5

by deICERAY In reply to Okay, I'll take a shot at ...

Thanks for replying without actually solving any mysteries; but I appreciate the feedback. To answer your questions, the desktop.ini is there every time, even if deleted every time. Someone else said it was a system file - dwdino - and if I wanted to get rid of it to just shut off seeing the system files - the first I do is turn them on, so that's not a real solution, but it IS an answer to the mystery, so dwdino gets full marks for that one.
2. nada.
3.No you are dead wrong - this is the first time any menu screen throws a selection to the bottom - ever.
4. ALT to get standard menu commands - you used an oxymoron to explain this one, so I can't give credit, sorry. The oxymoron?: using MS and "thought" in one phrase.
5. dwdino gets some credit here too, as he claims there are permissions ABOVE administrator - another 'thoughtful' item from MS - so again, mystery solved.
Your mystery - WHY? I ask myself this at every boot, and the way it crashes, that's an every day question! My version of Windows XP did not support a 64 bit system, and when I upgraded to a 64 bit system, I decided I would get the XP 64 bit one, but then heard WIN7 was out soon, got it at a discount at tigerdirect, and installed a fresh install, as the 'upgrade' install was an endless display of blue screens and frozen/failed installs - and the migrate your old system, was, well, a joke.
Finally I feel fully justified in flaming MS's *** after how many decades of OS development and this is all they come up with?
I expected everything that was in XP to be in 7, yes, absolutely. If only it were, we'd have a better OS than it is. And please don't tell me XP is in 7, the virtual XP machine is a joke, a memory and storage hog, and next to useless. Again, thanks for the reply.

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"...please don't tell me XP is in 7..."

by CharlieSpencer In reply to 0 for 5

Oh, **** no. But I don't know why you expected 7 to look like XP. Vista certainly didn't, and even if you didn't install that, there's been tons of coverage of both saying they weren't like XP.

Here's another opportunity for me to suggest users check MS's compatibility tools BEFORE they install an MS OS. MS has been reasonably good about offering on-line tools that will evaluate your system and advise what h/w and s/w aren't going to work with a specific OS.

Flame away at Redmond all you want. It's not like they care what either one of us thinks.

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not quite accurate

by deICERAY In reply to "...please don't tell me ...

I'm not quite sure what you meant by "look like XP", in terms of looks, it may be a reference to my windows explorer mystery. I saw screens of 7, I knew it was 'different' - and I anticipated there being 'issues', and I ran the compatibility tests and passed (AMD quad core 2.7Ghz, 4 GB DDR2, etc.) I'm running dual nvidia cards in SLI but can't use 2 monitors if I do, but that's a whole other issue.
I agree - they (Redmond) aren't listening to this tiny conversation - and by the way, their ads about how people designed 7 is plain insulting. I appreciate the chance to groan a little and ultimately get some great help and ideas from the contributors here.

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Here you go...

by dwdino In reply to WIN7 Mysteries

1. Because the desktop.ini, through .ShellClassInfo declaration, is used to provide the name of the shell folder, i.e. the name of the CD Burning folder. This is common behavior for all Windows Shell folders, including special folders such as Libraries, My Documents, My Pictures, My Videos and the CD Burning folder. Desktop.ini file also may contain other section, such as .ShellClassIcon which defines the icon for the folder. Enable hide system files to remove this file from view.

2. Unsupported software. Actually, I have many coworkers using a similiar configuration without issue. Suggest checking for plugins between applications.

3. Agreed, bad UI design.

4. According to MS, most users do not use the "File" and toolbar items enought to make them a permenant fixture on the toolbar. It was determined that the realestate would be better used in other ways. If needed, simply press the ALT key.

5. UAC and partial WINFS. With Windows 7, there are permissions greater than Administrator. Some examples are Trusted Installer and Local System. Disabling UAC will open access to most directories (but not all).


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full marks for you!

by deICERAY In reply to Here you go...

An excellent response! Thanks. How come I don't feel any better?
My response to 4 is that they never asked ME! They would have gotten a "DON'T YOU DARE!"
Permissions "greater than Administrator" ?? !!
How about offices higher than President? Shelves higher than Top?
Well I'm off to consider the differences between explanation and justification...

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Well, you can make it display permanently, IIRC.

by seanferd In reply to full marks for you!

Don't have a copy of 7 handy, but I thought there was an option to leave the menu bar on always.

Folder options → View → Advanced settings → check Always show menus

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Yes you have to TURN ON common sense in 7

by deICERAY In reply to Well, you can make it dis ...

Yes, I researched that and turned it on, and it's like putting the cigarette lighter in the trunk - it's still there, it still works, good luck finding it (you know, to run your GPS, or whatever; not for smoking!)
Any suggestions as to why a newly open folder clicked on the left drops to the bottom of the window? That's a terrific one!

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If someone can't figure out how to find it,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Yes you have to TURN ON c ...

he or she probably doesn't have any business doing it.

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by deICERAY In reply to If someone can't figure o ...

And coming from a tech supporter, I'm a little daunted by that. Do you vote? They have no idea what they're doing, they can't figure out anything, they apparently have no business doing what they do, but you voted anyway, didn't you?
I prefer a more user-friendly attitude; if they can't find it, teach them how to - that's why I'm pursuing all these mysteries.

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