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WIN7 Mysteries

1. Why is there a copy of "desktop.ini in the burn to disk directory every time I open it by placing a blank disk in the burner?
2. Why does the system crash every time I try to open Outlook after using Firefox, or of Firefox is still open?
3. Why does a sub-dir folder, when clicked on in the left hand listing of Windows Explorer, drop to the Bottom of the list, instead of rising to the top (Don't they want me to be able to READ it?)
4. Why were file folder commands hidden from the toolbar? (biggest mystery: new folder)
5. Why am I locked out of my own files even though I am the administrator? (Examples: \Users\Administrators [my personal favorite mystery...], Users\{computer's name} folder, C:\$Recycle.Bin, folders with 24 alpha-numeric characters for a name, \MSOcache, and on and on.

There's a lot more but let's start with these five.

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My temporary answer to all mysteries

by deICERAY In reply to WIN7 Mysteries

I'm pretty much convinced that my problems center around the fact that there is no legacy support in 7, and I have many XP programs installed, especially special utilities. I am convinced the drivers are screwing everything up. I am going to back off my data, reformat the petition, install XP as the core OS and add 7 as a dual boot. That way I can still use my thousands of dollars of XP software and have 7 available as needed, for communications, streaming, and the like. So as far as I am concerned, this post is over, I will not be responding to any more posts here.
I will report in a new post on how the re-install went - it won't be quick; I just tried to copy 20 GB of data and got an expected finish time of "About 1 day" at 12 mb/sec. on a quad core 2.7Ghz... mercy!
Thanks to everyone for your interesting posts and concerns; good luck to all with 7.

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by seanferd In reply to My temporary answer to al ...

I didn't think 7 was that bad, but not being able to use large and expensive quantities of software would do it for me as well.

Just in case you liked some of the Classic shell stuff no longer available in 7, you can try this on your dual boot:
It seems to still be under active development, which is good.

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Legacy program runs on one machine, not another

by peter In reply to WIN7 Mysteries

I'm running Win 7 Pro 64-bit on 2 machines. Everything is up-to-date on both machines. When I try to run a program (sort.exe) that has worked well since 1995, it runs fine on one machine but on the second machine it produces an error message ("sort.exe has stopped working. Windows is checking for a solution to the problem.") but Windows never discovers what's wrong. On the second machine, I've fiddled with various compatibility settings, and tried running it as an administrator, but nothing changes the behavior. Any ideas for diagnosing this problem would be welcome.

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