Win7 pc can see network pc's but cannot access shares, why?

By FuBaR_55 ·
On a network with 15 pc's, all Win7, 1 '03 server all was well until we added another Win7 pc that shares a data drive. 14 of the pc's can see the new pc and access the share. One can see the new pc but cannot access it. All 15 pc's are identical. If I log on locally to the pc that cannot, ie not the domain, I can see and access the share. There is only one domain user name that is used on all of the pc's and no group policy has been implemented that could cause this problem.

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Your using Homegroup right?

by jlholmes21 In reply to Win7 pc can see network p ...

All Windows 7 PCs have access to a feature called Homegroup, which basically allows the users on a network (and the users must be running Windows 7) to access each others, Music, Pictures, Videos, Documents and Printers (these can be disabled.. i.e. I can untick printers and documents). Each PC had a password though which you must ask another user on your network for

If you are trying to connect to someone running Windows Vsita or below then the connection process is differnet. You need a username and a password for that PC if you are suing remote desktop connection. The account must be an account with admin rights or you won't be able to connect to that PC

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