Windows 10 and DOSBOX

By philsommer ·
I needed to install and get running the 10-year-old program on my Windows 10 64 bit computer. It turned out that the DOS programs are already incompatible with 64 bit operating systems. Therefore, I followed a widely known advice to use the DOSBOX emulator.

I had to remember how to edit the DOS files, set up paths and use the command line, but the program finally worked.

The story would have a happy ending but I found that I can't print anything from my cursed DOS program. I'm sending the print reports but I get nothing. And I need to print a lot of documents. Actually it was because of them that I started this battle.

Unfortunately I did not find any advice on how to fix the situation. Can anyone give me some advice on how to cope with the problem?
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Printing from DOSBOX

by philsommer In reply to Windows 10 and DOSBOX

It turns out the latest official release of the DOSBOX does not support printing at all. This is a shocking discovery.

I was advised to use unofficial third-party builds. But it was found things are not right with them either.

There is a heap of DOSBOX builds (Daum, MB6, SVN, X etc). And some of them still don't support printing.

Other releases supports printing but they are outdated and not accessible or they are available through strange redirect URLs and file storages. When I downloaded DOSBOX from there I was persistently forced to install malware.

It's strange that such a popular project as DOSBOX is in a terrible state.

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Printing from DOSBOX

by philsommer In reply to Printing from DOSBOX

Finally, I decided to choose the Daum DOSBOX build for use in my business. There are two reasons for this.

Daum build supports printing from DOS programs and it has own website where complete installation module can be downloaded directly. This is different from all other DOSBOX releases.

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DOS reports with artefacts

by philsommer In reply to Printing from DOSBOX

My joy turned out to be somewhat premature. Although I was able to print out my reports from the DOS program many of them proved to be defective.

Some documents are included unexpected inclusions of stars, triangles, strange digits and letters. Also design of documents is broken.

The most important summary document contains a heap of garbage instead of a bar graph.

Anyone can tell me what's wrong with me?

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escape commands in DOS reports

by philsommer In reply to DOS reports with artefact ...

It turns out the artefacts that I saw in the documents are pieces of special control codes that were to change font sizes and print graphics in reports.

Apparently DOSBOX ignores them while printing and my jet printer doesn't understand them too.

I found out there are special utilities for emulation escape commands and DOS printing support: JetPCL, dos2usb, printfil, dosprn, dosprint etc.

I downloaded these utilities and will test them for choosing the best option.

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dos2usb with dosprn with printfil

by philsommer In reply to escape commands in DOS re ...

Ok, I evaluated a lot of third-party software utilities which
announce DOS program printing support and I am not to be particularly enthusiastic.

One of them print text files only, another did nothing at me, next printed correctly text part of my document but garbage instead of a graphics.

At last I choose a dosprn dos print utility from for me. It prints my text and bar graph more or less correctly and it is the most inexpensive between competitors.

Unfortunately dosprn has no 'print preview' option but in the final analysis I don't need in this feature extremely.

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