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Windows 2000 Locks Up

By djrampant ·
Brief bit of history before I start.

I added a second HDD to my system about 6 months ago, this caused the PSU to pop. After replacing the PSU I was unable to boot from my original Western Digital drive, however I was from the second Maxtor drive. I then disconnected the WD drive and rebuilt my system with Win XP.

This was running fine until I added my DSL modem. The system then got really slow so I decided to rebuild with Win2k. This was working fine for a few days but then I started getting random lockups as Win2k booted up (before the logon screen).

I then downloaded the test software for both HDD?s and for my RAM. I ran all the tests and everything got the OK so I low level formatted both drives. I then updated my BIOS to the latest version. I installed Win2k with all the updates and everything seemed OK.

The next day I booted up the machine and the WD slave drive was not detected in the BIOS, I then rebooted and neither the master or slave were detected so I disconnected the slave and booted up fine.

I left the PC on for a while and it was working, but then I came back and it had locked up again.

I have tried everything but cannot figure this out can you help?

My hardware is below:

Motherboard: Epox EP-6VBA
Graphics: Geforce 4
Sound Card: SBLive!
Mouse: Optical USB MS Mouse
RAM: 2X 256 MB SDRAM Sticks

Thanks in advance.


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Windows 2000 Locks Up

by ArthurP In reply to Windows 2000 Locks Up

something that is worth looking at is the amount of power that the USB modem is drawing from your motherboard ... I've seen a similar experience, where the USB DSL modem has drawn greater than 490ma from the USB port, and the "offending" port has been shutdown, as the system enters into protection mode, and conducts system diagnostics.

Should you find that this is the fault, you should be able to run the modem via a USB hub, (or through the TFT screen ports).

Please let me know how you get on


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Windows 2000 Locks Up

by djrampant In reply to Windows 2000 Locks Up

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Windows 2000 Locks Up

by djrampant In reply to Windows 2000 Locks Up

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