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Windows 2000 Networking **** (home user)

By winmorgan ·
Probably not enough space to describe: Mac
user trying to network two PCs running
Win.2000. Have an ethernet hub, both
machines can connect to internet via E-net.
Mac can communicate w/one PC (using
MacSOHO S/W) via the E-net hub. I'm trying to
move software from one Windows machine to
the other. Tried for hours w/Win.2000 For
Dummies, and Windows Help. Contacted a
consultant. It appears the two PCs are NOT
on the same network, as judged from their IP
addresses (from pinging, etc.). Problem
*might* be @Home cable router that's
plugged into the E-net hub also. Both PCs set
to "obtain IP add. automatically." Finally,
second consultant advised just E-netting the
two machines with a direct E-net cable, so I
bypassed the E-net hub and have an E-net
cable now connecting both PCs. No other
computers show in My Netwk. Places, etc. I
have shared all volumes, and renamed them
without the $, which I found makes them
invisible. I have tried adding new connections.
If I try to just browse for a connection by typing
in the computer?s name after \\, I get
something like ?network path not found.? Both
computers show same workgroup name:
WORKGROUP. The only device I see in trying
to network is something called Direct Parallel
LPT1...I don?t know if this is a problem or
not?I guess I was expecting to see ?Ethernet?
or some such, as one would with a Mac.
When I click on ?Entire Network,? I see only the
computer I?m sitting in front of, no others?this
was true with the E-net hub and also with the
E-net direct cable. Nothing works. I'm at the
outer limits of my knowledge & patience, and
two consultants couldn't fix it. (I'm refraining
from saying how easythis would be with
Macs. Heh.) Any help will be beyond

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