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Windows 2000 Pro Start Up

By lorenzknight1 ·
I have a COMPAQ EVO 300 SERIES MICROTOWER. iT IS RUNNING WIN 2000 PRO. It has a problem when starting it up. After it post and the windows screen comes, when it switches vga to its hi-res display mode, or when the sign on screen appears. Just moments after that window comes up the screen switches to having these orange/yellow shaded and black vertical lines, and it locks up. ctrl-alt-del wont work. It has to be turned off by holding in the power button or unplugging it. ANyone know how to fix this problem??

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Windows 2000 Pro Start Up


This could be due to a couple of things. The first thing to do is to make sure you are using the most up-to-date drivers for your display hardware. Go to the manufacturers website and download and install the latest drivers. If you are not using a graphics card then you will need to make sure you have the latest driver for your display adaptor and/or your monitor.

If you have a graphics card then download and install the latest driver for that card.

Also, make sure your BIOS version is the most up to date version as well.

Good luck

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Windows 2000 Pro Start Up

my 2 cents:
if this used to work and now does this, replace the video card.
If Pro will boot in 'VGA' mode, (tap F8 during black screen boot) or, if you had win98 on there and it was working fine maybe it *is* drivers or maybe it's incompatible version of directx (try Start/Run/dxdiag <enter&gt or maybe your baby needs a bios update to support win2k properly.
I would research this on the compaq website and download and install any ROMpaks for your system.
they have an excellent website and robust updates that are easy to install.

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by andrew.gough In reply to Windows 2000 Pro Start Up

If the system won't boot, after POST, hit and hold F8 until the safe mode boot menu pops up. Select safe mode to start, which will (hopefully) boot into a low res, minimal driver win 2k. Now check in your device manager under your display adapter, for any problems and try installing newer drivers. Also, go into the event manager snap-in, and put any errors in this post, or into google.


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by ascherer In reply to Windows 2000 Pro Start Up

Check all the pins in the monitor cable for bent ones.

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