Windows 2000 Professional

I'm trying to find a solution to my computer. I recently tried to turn it on but it will boot up on the screen saying starting up and then it shuts down. How do I go by fixing this problem? Need help

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Sounds like a heat problem...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Windows 2000 Professional

The computer is staying up just long enough for the heat to reach danger level, then the cpu shuts down to prevent permanent damage.

It would help to know what type of computer you are using - laptop or desktop?

Make and model?

Also, can you hear any fans turning?

Without knowing if it is laptop or desktop I cannot continue to advise you.

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Need more information

by rkoenn In reply to Windows 2000 Professional

I have worked on a large number of computers and have one right now that sounds similar. But I need to know more first. Does it ever try to load the OS at all or does it shut down even before it starts to read the hard drive. I just had one that would shut down during start up sometimes after loading windows and sometimes before loading it. This one was due to a faulty power supply. I now have one that starts to load Windows through the splash screen but then reboots the computer. This one is due to a bad hard drive that happened almost instantaneously a couple of days ago. Heat could be the problem but usually you have to have the machine on for a while for this to affect you. Finally I have found that a faulty hard drive can cause something similar, usually this is caused when you have a pair of drives slaved together and one of them fails. Best I can offer without more information. Good luck!

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Have you tried F8, boot into safe mode?

by fastwide In reply to Windows 2000 Professional

You should try safe mode to find out if Windows is hanging while attempting to load a driver, etc. Did you recently make a change to your system?

Tell us more -

Randy Leonard, MCSE, A+

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Had a similar problem last month

by jruby In reply to Windows 2000 Professional

Older pc, had been running just fine, then began exhibiting just these symptoms. On this particular system, I tracked it down to a loose power connection on the motherboard. Make sure all connections on the motherboard are seated firmly by disconnecting and reconnecting them and try again.

Good luck.


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only 2 possibilities

by computab In reply to Windows 2000 Professional

It can only be either hardware or software. Test the hard disk, if it's a Dell, it has diagnostics - run that. If it's software it's a Windows error caused by something malicious. Go into safemode and install antispyware, recommend Ad-Aware or Counterspy or Spyware Doctor.

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Some troubleshooting possibilities

by RKG In reply to only 2 possibilities

To troubleshoot the hardware
Remove the battery if it is a laptop (a bad battery can suck power that would otherwise go to the system)
Go into CMOS and turn off floppy, ports, sound, anything you can. If one of the subcomponents is the problem, disabling it may allow a boot.
Physically remove floppy and/or CD ROM
Boot into safe mode, run MSconfig, and turn off as many things in services and startup items as you can.
Set the resolution and color depth down as low as you can for the graphics card. Graphics memory may also be a culprit.
Physically remove part of the memory. Bad RAM can cause this also.

There are other things,

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Well, that narrows it down

by Your Mom 2.0 In reply to only 2 possibilities

"It's either hardware or software." Geez. Hit the nail on the head there.

It sounds like a heat or power-related issue to me, based on previous experiences I've had. I'd say it's either a flaky power supply or a drop in power on that circuit.

Will it boot normally if left unplugged for awhile (30 minutes or longer)? If so, will it shut itself down after it 'warms up'?

Had an ASUS unit at a remote office that did the same thing until I moved it to a different circuit. Also had an older Printek on the flaky circuit, and it would intermittently take itself offline.

A software issue would give you a BSOD or some other diagnostic information, most likely. But yes, more info is needed before we can help. At this point we're all just guessing.

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same here! but due to computer virus

by jeremiah2911 In reply to Windows 2000 Professional

recently it happened to a couple of PC here on one monday morning.. as per AVG its "Trojanhorse.Backdoor.Ircbot.AQJ". it spread tru LAN.. an infected pc will starts up, then quits.. good thing i normally have an image copy per PC.. i just restored the image file.
: )

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Hey Sandra?

by Your Mom 2.0 In reply to Windows 2000 Professional

When you know what's going on with it, can you post another message? You have several concerned and curious geeks wondering about it.

Some of us may have a friendly wager going with other TR members about what the true nature of the problem is/was...

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I'd check the temp at cpu

by robert.fairbairn In reply to Windows 2000 Professional

I have found that some of the heat sinks on the cpu's are coming loose because the thermal grease is drying out. Then the heat sinks can't carry away the heat anymore so when you turn the computer on, the cpu doesn't take long to warm up and shut itself down. I am having this issue even with newer computers. You need to take the heat sink and fan off, clean the old thermal compound off and put some new stuff on. Make sure you get a good thermal grease cleaning solution and use it on both the cpu and the heat sink before you apply new thermal compound. Put the heat sink and fan back on and your computer will run properly after.

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