Windows 7 compatibility issues

By Healer ·
I had a few programs which worked fine and still work fine on the XP systems. However, they don't seem to work well on Windows 7, not on Vista either. I had supposed Windows compatibility allows programs of any age or perhaps as old as those for Windows 2000 to work on Windows 7. I had expected Windows 7 would have done a much better job than Vista in this respect but it didn't seem to be. Perhaps I have missed something.

Definitely drivers and the like can't be solved with the compatility feature that Windows offers. That would be the main sticking point for some people who want to use Windows 7. I hope the manufacturers will catch up quick. I couldn't get a compatible driver for my Samsung printer ML-1710. Now I don't know if I should keep the Windows 7 or there is a roundabout way to achieve it.

I am not too sure if virtualization could solve this problem either. My computer doesn't have a processor with virtualization hardware. I might have to use other virtualization software which doesn't require specific processor instead of Windows's. I am not too sure if Virtual PC 2007 will work on Windows 7 for I understand that Virtual 2007 does not require specific processor.

The release note on Virtual 2007 says no support for using a virtual hard disk linked to a physical hard disk. Does it mean one can't access data files on the physical disk from the virtual disk? If it does then how one could work on files on the physical disk with application on the virtual disk.

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did you try the vista driver for your printer

by PurpleSkys In reply to Windows 7 compatibility i ...

sometimes the vista drivers will work with win7
as for the rest, a lot of it is hit and miss

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I do have

by Healer In reply to did you try the vista dri ...

Vista driver files for the printer. It was packaged in an executable file and Windows 7 wouldn't run it. I was hoping there would be loose Vista driver files somewhere and I could use the Add Printer method to add the printer.

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As I posted to one of your other questions ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I do have

Well, as the saying goes "When in Rome ..." ...
"Do As The Romans Do" - just in case you are not familiar with the phrase.

Seriously though, has it not crossed your mind to simply unpack the self-extracting file in the OS it was designed for?

Run it in a PC running Vista, then copy the extracted files onto a thumb drive. You can then stick the thumb drive into the Windows 7 PC.

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This was a very old issue.

by Healer In reply to As I posted to one of you ...

I first asked this question on 19/10/2009. I was quoting the printer issue as an incompatibility example only. I had that particular problem solved already as reported on the other thread. I did try your idea but wasn't successful either because the extracted driver was not compatible so not acceptable at all.

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Try Vista compatibility mode

by BCheever In reply to I do have

Did you try right clicking the executable used to install the driver and then choose the compatibility tab. Under compatibility mode options choose Vista Service Pack 2 (or whatever service pack is supported by the driver). This tricks the setup program into thinking it's that version of the OS and SHOULD allow you to install it. If you still run into a problem it could be that you need to right click the executable and do a "run as administrator" on it.

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Compatibility mode still wouldn't help.

by Healer In reply to Try Vista compatibility m ...

Having started in compatibility mode, it started but failed part-way through.

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windows 7 compatability issues

by danerd In reply to Windows 7 compatibility i ...

hi healer,i was having the same problems for example i purchased a creative soundcard in june 2007 i was told by creative that they could not supply vista drivers for it even though i bought it 6 months after vista was released and yes no drivers for windows 7 their advice is BUY ANOTHER SOUNDCARD **** i am a pensioner and not made out of money and i had similar problems with my other OLD hardware to add to my miseries most of my software programs will not work in vista and they certainly will not work in windows 7 i am staying with xp for the long haul--cheers-

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I can relate to it.

by Healer In reply to windows 7 compatability i ...

Unfortunately in some circumstances I have to catch up with the technology though I know I can never and I am often somewhat behind. I wish XP could last forever too. I wish you all the best on your technology front.

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this might work for your printer

by Sue T In reply to Windows 7 compatibility i ...

copy or download the printer driver to your computer using the one for XP if Vista drivers aren't available. Unzip it and then look in the folder to see what is available. It may have it's own installer and you may be able to use that. I have had that work for me. I have also had it worked where after unzipping the driver I then installed the printer using the printer setup and telling it where to find the driver. Another thing you might try is connecting the printer directly to the computer and seeing if that will automatically install what is needed. If it does you can then disconnect the printer and go back to having it connected the way it was previously and then install the printer and use the driver it has already installed for you or you could just change the port in the printer properties for that printer.

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I have got it working.

by Healer In reply to this might work for your ...

The manufacturer has eventually released the driver for Windows 7. I did try all what you said though but I couldn't get anywhere. I thank you for your help.

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