windows 7 outlook 2010 extremely slow receiving pop3

By chrisbedford ·
I have a user running Office 2010 under Win 7. All was working fine until I joined the PC to a Win 2008 (Small Business) Server domain. Now the download of mails takes forever.

I mean that literally - forever. The user has 2 mail addresses, and one of them has about 400 mails in it. Every time you restart the computer, or Outlook, it starts downloading from no 1 again - and days later, on no 85 or so, when it hasn't finished, something else goes wrong and the machine has to be restarted - meaning download starts from scratch. Again.

Command line (telnet pop3.{} / user {} / pass {} / list / retr 1 / retr 2 etc works *just fine*. Windows Live Essentials mail client set up with exactly the same account details works *just fine*.

I uninstalled the whole of Office using the Microsoft recommended method for complete removal (which, btw, didn't remove all the settings - when I reinstalled, Outlook still was looking for the same PST files as before). Reinstalled and downloaded all the updates again. Same again.

Makes no difference if I deactivate antivirus and / or firewall (AVG Internet Security Business Edition 2012).

Makes no difference if I log on back into the non-domain Outlook profile either (i.e. log off the computer and log on as the local PC user).

What can be wrong with Outlook / Outlook's settings? This PC is only 6 months old, I don't really want to reinstall Windows just yet!

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Mailbox issues?

by sethwh In reply to windows 7 outlook 2010 ex ...

I'm assuming you are using an external pop server and not SBS Exchange? Can you log into the POP mail server or even webmail and check the size of the mailbox? Of these 400+ messages are they simply text emails? Even if they weren't I've seen large mailboxes download in a few hours (1GB +). It seems like if you logged back into the local user account where the PST files were stored it wouldn't try do download all the messages again but only the most recent (but now more slowly right?). Do you have other email accounts you can setup and test?

Also, uninstalling office rarely touches the local profile data.
Ex: C:\Users\JohnSmith\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook

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