Windows 8 Activation on new Lenovo Y580

Just bought a Lenovo Y580 which comes with Windows 8 Standard without reinstallation media. It came with a 5400rpm drive so I went to upgrade the hard drive to a Samsung 830 SSD. Since I didn't buy the recovery media I figured I would make the recovery disk however Lenovo doesn't have rescue and recovery for Win 8 so I called tech support they stated use Windows 8 recovery disk feature so I did and got windows 8 installed on the SSD however now I cannot activate windows 8. My understanding is the COA got replaced with the Product key that is embedded into the motherboard however that key is coming up blocked by Microsoft. So I contacted Lenovo and they want me to pay for the recovery disk bunch of Jerks forcing you to pay for recovery and not providing me with a valid product key. Any Ideas ?

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So you want to ask what exactly?

by OH Smeg In reply to Windows 8 Activation on n ...

Not really sure what it is you want to know here but if it's how to Activate your Lenovo with the SSD what you need to do is Clone the HDD to the SSD and that includes the Recovery Partition built into the Original HDD.

If you have however wiped the Original Drive your only option is to buy the Recovery Media from Lenovo which is never a bad thing to do anyway. If you don't buy it when you first get the system it's very likely that when you need it Lenovo will have stopped supporting that Model System and there is no Recovery Media Available so you have to buy a Licensed Retail Copy of the OS.

The problem with Recovery Partition sis that when the HDD Dies or is otherwise replaced you loose the ability to load the OS to the New Drive. This however is not limited to Lenovo all Computer Companies to save their customers money supply a Recovery partition o the HDD and no Recovery media.

Well not quite all Computer Companies there are some Ultra High End System Suppliers who always provide Recovery Media but they are not any of the Domestic Class or even Business Class System Makers. Places like Panasonic Tough Books which start around the 6K Mark new come with Recovery Disc's, there are a few other makers in the same range who also provide Recovery Media as well.


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Reponse To Answer

by EVGA In reply to So you want to ask what e ...

Hey Thanks for the reply! I agree with all the above completely to clarify I just want to activate windows. An image would be nice thanks to Windows 8 they got rid of the create image tool that windows 7 had unless I am wrong. Now there is on a tool called One key recovery on the desktop I am wondering if that is used to create an image to restore well I will hook up the drive as I used a third drive to do all my testing and give it a whirl tommrow.

Man being cheap now adays is harder than it look :) I am fully aware I could user third party imaging software as well but still might as well just buy the recovery media.

Also good news is I finally convied Lenovo to send me a recovery disk for free which is good but still doesn't explain the process of recovery without media option.

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by tms123 In reply to Windows 8 Activation on n ...

Lenovo most certainly includes the recovery media creator on all machines. It's a default tool within Win8, but most PC manufacturers include a tool of their own bundled with new machines.

It's pretty much the standard now for 90%+ of new machines that you'll need to create that recovery media first thing after booting it up. Also, ignore that 16 GB USB drive and go for the 32. I had a client just yesterday who needed a bigger drive as the recovery tool rejected the 16 GB and demanded 22 GB or higher. Go figure.

Alternatively, do what I do. Buy yourself a copy of Windows 8 Pro for $69.99 or whatever and you're covered either way.

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Reponse To Answer


Please explain the usage of the recovery tool so I can know for future usage

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