Windows 95 CD wont boot?

By Tyharo ·
I bought a windows 95 CD on eBay a few days ago. I want to install it on an old laptop of mine that use to have vista but now has ubuntu on it. I complete formatted the drive so there's nothing on it. I put the CD in and set the boot order to go to the CD drive first. When i reboot the bios says there is no media and no operating system. I hear the CD drive spin up but the installation never starts.

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Reponse To Answer

by Slayer_ In reply to Laptop

Drop down to 512 and you might get basic functionality.

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Another Option

by TheChas In reply to Windows 95 CD wont boot?

Another option is to remove the hard drive, format it as a bootable drive and copy the Windows 95 CD to the hard drive.

Use a USB drive adapter and format the hard drive as a bootable FAT16 volume. Remember that Windows 95 only supports a maximum of 2GB per partition. You may need to create a lot of logical drives to be able to use your entire hard drive.

Then, create a folder on the drive named WIN95, and copy the CD to that folder.

Place the drive back in the laptop.

When you boot up, you should get a DOS prompt.
Type in CD WIN95
Then setup
The Windows 95 installer should start.

But, before you even start, make sure you can find Windows 95 drivers for any hardware you want to use. This is the tough part of installing old versions of Windows on new hardware, you may not have drivers.

Also, just what do you plan to use this system for? Unless you have old software you want to use, this system is going to be pretty useless.


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Old hardware can be fun

by DesertJim In reply to Windows 95 CD wont boot?

I used to have a very old Mk ll 3.8 Jaguar. no power steering, no air con, leaded petrol, no air bags, drum brakes etc. More hours spent maintaining than driving. Used to rust at the first thought of rain.

Lots of my friends questioned me as to why I should drive it as I couldn't get spares, tax and insurance were expensive, petrol consumption was awful, reliability was poor, etc.

It was fun to drive!

So please, answer the question not question the motive.

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Reponse To Answer

by seanferd In reply to Old hardware can be fun

There's a reason for asking: If the user expects impossible things, then the user can be informed up front that those are not going to happen. Since the user has no knowledge of how to install, the reason for asking should be obvious.

Further, "questioning the motive" was barely any of the content, and came with answers. So what's eating you? But thanks for the sage advice anyway.

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Alien V Predator

by bluntpencil In reply to Windows 95 CD wont boot?

I keep an old samsung P3 laptop with Win 98 as it doesnt run on XP properly.
It is the scariest game EVER.
You must try it on your 95 laptop.
Its why the 9x's were invented.
Not for business or boring rubbish like spreadsheets.
You will need a floppy despite what everybody says.
It was made that way to work that way.
I still shuddr when I think of how many floppies got corrupted so quickly, even when they were new.
And just to make matters worse USB is not recognised by 9x so forget usb floppy drives.
Try doing a rain dance.
You might get lucky but its best to put 9x on a lappy with a built in floppy.
I have given up trying to do what you are trying to do.
Wish I could give you good news but I think you are going to have a whole heap of trouble.
Peoples memories seem very short about 9x on a non floppy PC.
I hope I am wrong.
Good luck.

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