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Windows and security

By Deadly Ernest ·
I just read a news summary on a MS Vista advertising blurb and it got me to wondering if anyone out there can answer, in a realistic manner, exactly what and how security was improved in each of the past Windows releases. Looking back I can not identify any.

Over the years I have attended many IT shows etc and always visit the MS stand and each new OS claimed to have great improvements in security.

Win NT was twice as secure as Win 3.1
Win NT 4 was 50% more secure than Win NT 3.51
Win 2K was twice as secure as Win NT
Win XP has much more security than Win 2K
And now Win Vista is much more secure than Win XP

In each case they claimed the new one was more secure than anything else.

Now have they been bullshitting all along or was security in past system really that bad?

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That brought back some old memories

by Deadly Ernest In reply to amusing

Mostly horrible. You forgot that, for reasons never understood, they stick some NT5 ideas and code into Memphis to created Win 98 SE.

I still have copies of DOS 6.2, Win 3.11 and W32 that I often put on older hardware for people who want just basic Internet access. The performance and stability is incredible, but you can't use modern perihperal as you can't get drivers that work with it. But for that I can get better performance on a Intel 486 25 Mhz than you get on XP on a P4 2.4 Ghz

BTW W32 was an add on package that converted many Win 3x 16 bit service to 32 bit service thus improving performance.

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did you look at

by Jaqui In reply to That brought back some ol ...

what XP idetifies itself as?

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Yep 5.2 with a build very high build numbers.

by Deadly Ernest In reply to did you look at

When MS released NT4 they started on NT5 originally due in late 1998. Some of the ideas and stuff for NT5 got put into Win 98 and released as Win 98SE.

Meanwhile the actual delivery dates for NT5 slipped so much they changed its name when they released it to Win 2000. It was Win NT 5.1

Win XP is built on from that and thus Win NT 5.2, my latest copy has a build number of 3790, 3,790 builds of NT5.

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