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Windows explorer locks up

By jbeef86 ·
I have a machine at work running Windows Xp. Whenever the user goes into windows explorer it locks up after a couple of seconds. I close it then reopen it then it does it again. It locks up most of the time but sometimes it works like it is supposed to. The user loaded up Rhapsody recently and Creative Labs software for a Zen Vision. Ever since then its been running like this. Everything else works fine just Windows explorer has many lockups.

I have tried virus scans, spyware scans, adware scans. The recycle bin is empty as well.

Does anyone have any other suggestions to try out?


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by Aaron A Baker In reply to Windows explorer locks up

If it were me, I would check the prefecth and all, tmps and like minded folders and get rid of everything.
Having done that, I would assume the somewhere in the installations mentioned, something changed your Explorer sounds to me like Sound Blaster.
I would re-install the Explorer through the control panel. Just go to Add Remove section and the Window Components and then re-install the Explorer. If it looks ok, i.e. checked "on" then remove it and then re install it, this should "theoretically put everything back.
On the other hand you could always do a system restore.
You could also consider Updating your Sound Blaster, this usually has the effect of straightening out what SB fouled up.
I love and use SB but it has given me such problems in the past.
Good Luck

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I had this, too- and fixed it!

by Maricaibo In reply to Windows explorer locks up

I too had Creative Zen Vision software and Windows Explorer SERIOUSLY hanging my system but through trial and error I fixed it.

Get a full copy of XP Service Pack 2 on a CD. This may be hard to find but you need a version with autorun on it (so you don't have to go thru Explorer). Uninstall all Creative software. Not always easy but all must go. Uninstall any CD burning software including IN CD. Then re-install XP SP2.

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So Far So Good

by jbeef86 In reply to I had this, too- and fixe ...

I have uninstalled Creative Labs Zen software and the laptop in question has been working like normal for the past 2 days. The 2 mp3 players in use still work with Rhapsody without the software loaded so there is no need to reinstall the software. Very buggy stuff. Hopefully the system maintains without crashes.

Thank you all for the replies!!!!

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Same Problem lil diff setup please HELP

by fyrfyterr78 In reply to Windows explorer locks up

I am running Windows x64 on my machine. I have been having lots of problems with one of my secondary hard drives with explorer.exe locking up and taking up all my proccessor. I have an AMD 64 dual-core 4800+ proccesor. I know it should handle moving some files around. Is this a bug with W64 or is it somethin I can Fix? I'm not an IT professional so Regedit and processes are unfamiliar with me. I really need some help. Could it be my drive is dying? please respond and/or email me some help
Thx , Nick

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