Windows "IP Switcher" utility?

By cpguru21 ·
Does anyone have a recommendation for a utility to switch IP's in windows without going in to adapter properties every time?

One of the things I really like about Apple OS is the ability to set up and change to a new network profile easily.

Maybe this is a feature in windows 7 which I overlooked?

Thanks for any thoughts!

~Windows 7 64bit

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looks like this program may do the trick
Free IP Switcher v2.2
works on most MS systems.
good luck.
you can find the sw on


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by lechus In reply to Windows "IP Switcher" uti ...

create a txt file (ip112.txt) with desired config.
create a shortuct:
%windir%\system32\netsh.exe -f %windir%\ip112.txt

you dump ip configuration with netsh to the txt file. (ip112.txt)

you change ip config. and repeat. U can have many diff config in txt files.

Sorry for my english.
in txt file:

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by cpguru21 In reply to lechus

This is exactly what I was thinking when kadam mentioned using NETSH. I think this is the route I am going to take.


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+/- Would be nice to know why

by cpguru21 In reply to Windows "IP Switcher" uti ...

People are clicking the (-) on the posts. If you lack the the maturity to write a response to my post if you don't like it, then don't click the (-). Or you can just go away. That would be better. I hope I am not insulting anyone here but it is useful for others to understand why a post has negatives. Sometimes its obvious. Most of the times its not. Writing a response can help others (or the OP) why you don't like it or dis-approve. Likewise a + to me means "I like it" or "Ill agree with that" or "That helped me.." etc...

Sometimes there is an impressive amount of professionalism on here. Other times not so much.


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